Without a moment’s hesitation, Sondra knelt beside Eamon and opened his jeans to pull them down along with his shorts.  His penis, rising stiffly, bobbed up in front of her.  She didn’t take the time to pull his pants off over his feet.  Instead, she took his penis into her mouth.  The whiskey she’d been holding in her mouth had grown warm, and Eamon caught his breath at the shocking pleasure that shot from Sondra’s lips straight to Eamon’s cock when it was engulfed in the her hot mouth filled with whiskey.  Sondra was delirious with joy, pleasure, and relief to at last feel lust again.  She lifted her face from Eamon’s rigid cock and turned to kiss him.  They opened their lips, and the hot whiskey poured from Sondra’s mouth into Eamon’s.

Sondra turned again to Eamon’s throbbing cock and took it as deeply into her mouth as she could, and began sliding it in and out of her lips, savouring the fragrance and the texture of the tight skin.  Eamon easily lifted Sondra by her hips and placed her pussy over his face, so they were in the classic sixty-nine position on the soft rug before the glowing fire coals.

The whiskey on Eamon’s tongue sent a jolt of pleasure through Sondra’s body, and she began to suck on his cock with a burning desire to taste his semen.  Eamon’s skilful tongue caressed Sondra’s pussy lips with gentle pressure.  He sucked gently on one lip and then the other until Sondra was crazy with desire and sweating profusely.  At last Eamon let his tongue gently caress Sondra’s clitoris, circling it and vibrating on it with the warm tip.  Sondra became stupefied for a moment as an enormous orgasm gathered through her body, to pull all control out of her limbs.  A fierce growl gurgled out of her throat as she threw her head back to howl at the roof rafters.

Sondra tried to continue sliding Eamon’s cock between her lips, hoping to give him the pleasure he was giving her.  A gush of sweet juice poured out of Sondra’s pussy, and Eamon eagerly sucked it in.  The thrill of Sondra’s growl and the heavenly taste of her cum juice sent Eamon over the top.  His cock exploded with a volley of semen that shot straight down Sondra’s throat.  The second blast was less violent, and Sondra was able to suck and lick it all off Eamon’s cock.  Finally, she was thrilled to gently suck the remaining cum out of his cock, which was gradually growing less rigid.

The lovers collapsed together in each other’s arms.  The fire was low, and after a few minutes Sondra began to feel cool.  Eamon rolled away from her and folded the part of the warm fur rug he’d laid on over her while he added some logs to the fire before it died completely.  Sondra watched his movements.  He was totally naked, and his stride was like the bold gait of a wild mustang.  Muscles rippled freely under his firm skin when he easily picked up heavy logs from the wood rack with his big hands.


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