“Would you like to spend the night?” Eamon said.  He stood over Sondra in the glow of the revived fire and looked down at her.  She lay on the floor comfortably wrapped in the thick bearskin and looked up at him.  His cock dangled teasingly over her.

          “If I’m invited, I’d be delighted to stay,” Sondra said.

          “Come, let’s shower,” Eamon said.  He reached down and she reached up to take his hand.  With a slow, graceful motion, he lifted Sondra to her feet.  They moved slowly, the two naked figures walking as one, with arms around one another.  Eamon guided her to a large bathroom where there was a teak hot tub and an open shower stall lined with fragrant cedar.  Eamon reached in and turned the water on.  Within seconds, warm water steamed the air with a strong jet of spray.

Eamon held Sondra’s hand as she stepped into the strong spray and he stepped in behind her.  Shower heads on both sides of the open-ended enclosure cascaded water over them equally.  Eamon took fragrant shower gel and began to spread it all over Sondra’s glistening body.  The soft water from a lake on the mountain above them made the soap into a thick, creamy lather.  Eamon’s large hands slid gently over every part of Sondra’s body and sent electric spasms through her over and over.  She was filled with a need to feel Eamon inside her and turned to face Eamon.  She sunk to her knees and while the drumming water rinsed the lather from her, she took Eamon’s flaccid cock into her mouth.

Within seconds, the cock was swollen and stiff, too big for Sondra to fit much of it into her mouth.  Eamon held his hands on the walls on both sides of the enclosure to steady himself as ripples of pleasure weakened his knees when Sondra slide her warm mouth over his cock and swirled her tongue around its head.  She cupped his balls in her hand affectionately before she took Eamon’s cock out of her mouth.  She stood up and turned her back to Eamon and bent over with her hands on the wall to present her pussy to Eamon.

          “Make love with me, Eamon,” Sondra said.  “Get inside me please, as if you were Darkwater and Eamon at the same time.  I want to feel you inside me.”


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