Without a word, Eamon pressed his swollen tip to Sondra’s pussy lips.  He worked it in and out just at the opening at first, and was rewarded with a gush of pussy juice over his hard shaft.  With the aid of this lubricant, Eamon pushed his cock deep into Sondra’s pussy so his pubic hair was pressed against her raised ass.  With a strong motion, he pushed his cock in and out of Sondra’s pussy.  She was convulsed with repeated orgasms when Eamon varied his stokes with care and skill like Sondra had never before experienced.

          “My other hole,” Sondra gasped.  “Eamon, make me feel you in every opening.  I want to feel you inside me every way I can.”

          “I don’t want to hurt you,” Eamon said.

          “The hurt will be temporary, the ecstasy will endure.  I want you inside me anywhere I can fit you.  Push that wonderful cock of yours into me and love me ‘til you cum.”

Eamon pulled his throbbing cock out of Sondra’s dripping pussy.  He looked down at it and doubted he could fit that hard thickness into her tight little hole.  As carefully as he could, Eamon pushed his cock head against her puckered opening.  Sondra pushed back against him, working Eamon’s cock deeper and deeper into her.

          “Good,” she gasped.  “Good, Eamon, I love it, I love you, love every part of me.”

They were oblivious to the warm water that flowed over their rocking bodies.  They felt only the cascades of ecstasy that pulsed in their veins, driven by the passionate coupling as their lovemaking declared their love for each other.

          “I love you,” growled Eamon Garrison.  His cock burst like a volcano inside Sondra’s welcoming body.  Hot semen like lava gushed into her and her own orgasm wrenched a cry from her throat in unison with her lover

          “I love you,” she cried.  “I will always love you, Eamon.  I know I will.  You are all my dreams in one man.”

Carefully Eamon extracted his relaxed cock out of Sondra’s throbbing hole.  She stood up and turned to face him.  Eamon enfolded Sondra in his strong arms, and they stood linked together while the soothing water calmed their excitement.

          “I have never known what I sought in a woman,” Eamon said softly.  “When I saw your face, and saw you move, heard your voice, caught your fragrance, I suddenly knew that you touch me like no one else ever in my life, and I want to be only yours.  I know it’s ridiculous, so I won’t blame you if you laugh at the thought.”

          “It’s not laughable, Eamon,” Sondra whispered, cuddled in his arms, warm water rippling over the peaceful pair.  “I feel the same way, and I will accept you as mine alone if you will accept me as yours alone.”

          “We will begin life today, Sondra,” Eamon said.  “We will not ask nor will we tell of each other’s history.  Nothing matters but you and I together forever.”

          “I will be anywhere you are, Eamon,” Sondra sighed.  “Where you go, I shall go with you.  Nothing matters but you and I together.”




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