He left the car and mounted the steps to the door. I watched him go. His ass was magnificent, round and full. His thighs stretched his pants tight, and I could see the muscles rippling under the fabric. His back was wide and straight, and spread up to broad shoulders. He rang the bell and I looked to see if my boss came to the door. He didn’t; an older woman in a maid’s uniform took the envelope. I watched Nick come down the stairs. The bulge in the crotch of his tight pants excited me, imagining what might be in there, he being so big everywhere else.

The other three documents went to homes in the same area, because lawyers and their clients are the only ones who can afford that neighbourhood. Nick slipped back into the car after he handed over the final envelope. He turned to me and said, “now for supper.”

I was getting a bit turned on. This guy was good looking, and big and strong like an animal. I just relaxed and watched the passing scene while he drove the mini van through the city until we were in an old industrial area. Nick turned into a short street of low industrial buildings and stopped in front of one of them.

“Here we are,” he said.

“Where are we?” I said.

“This is my pad,” he said. “We’re going to have dinner as I promised.”

“You live here?” I said.

“Yes. I promise you, you’ll love it,” he said. He took my arm in one of his massive hands and guided me to a steel door in the side of the building. I didn’t resist, but I don’t think I could have done anything anyway.

Inside, there was just enough light to see that there was an inner room, like an isolated island, a chamber within the large industrial warehouse type building. Nick held my arm while he undid the lock and opened the door. He guided me through the door and released my arm.

“Here we are,” he said. He tuned on a light, and a subdued glow filled the space. There was a grouping of comfortable-looking tan leather furniture around a long, low table. A small open kitchen was visible to one side, and black cabinet doors lined the opposite wall. Across the room there was another door.

“Make yourself comfortable for a moment,” he said. He went into the other room and returned in few seconds with a marijuana joint neatly rolled.


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