“This is Tony and his companion, Felicia,” Nick said. “Meet Annette, folks.”

“Pleased to meet you, Annette,” Felicia held out her hand to me. I just stared at her, my fingers gripping my collar.

“Please… what are you going to do?” I pleaded. “Let me go, I won’t say anything to anyone, ever. I promise.”

“Honey,” Felicia said, “what on earth are you so stressed about? Don’t you know you’re going to be a much better woman by next week?”

“Next week? You must be crazy!” I shouted at all of them.

“Let’s do it,” Felicia said. In a flash, she grasped my arm while Tony held the other and Nick took my feet and they carried me to the centre of the leather furniture grouping and laid me on my back on the coffee table. I could see that it wouldn’t help me to scream and cry, so I just grew quiet and observed them.

The coffee table was rigged with restraints around the edges. Before I knew it, my arms were pinned above my head and my legs were held open while my ankles were strapped to the table legs so my feet were still on the floor. Nick and Tony sat in a couple of the leather easy chairs and watched comfortably while Felicia stripped me naked by cutting my clothes away with a scissors. She calmly and quickly snipped in just the right places, obviously experienced at it, and tugged the loosened fabrics out from under me. In about one minute I was laid out stark naked on that platform with these three strangers sitting around looking at me. I begged them to let me go, and they laughed.

“Honey,” Felicia said, “before tonight’s over, you’ll beg to stay, believe me. I was in your position a couple of years ago, and now I know my life would have been diminished if I hadn’t had this experience.”

“Okay,” I gasped. “Now I’ve had the experience. Let me loose!”

“You haven’t experienced anything yet, sweetheart,” Nick said. All three of them began to undress. I couldn’t resist watching them. Nick’s cock swung out like a chocolate log when he dropped his pants. I gasped at the sight of it.

“Oh, God,” I breathed, fearing what lay ahead for me. Tony’s cock was at least as big, if not bigger. He stood at my head and swung the monster dick over my face and smiled down at me.

“What do you think, Annette? Will you prefer the vanilla or the chocolate,” he joked. I looked to the other end of my coffee table platform where Felicia had undressed. She was the most exciting female I’d ever seen. Tall, muscular, with tits that stood out proudly, and I could see that they were real by the shimmering way they jiggled when she moved. As I watched, she knelt between my knees.


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