“No, no…” I cried, and my cry turned to a gurgling moan as Felicia’s pink tongue licked my pussy from bottom to top. I couldn’t speak while she began to manipulate my pussy lips, shoving them apart to insert her tongue deep into my fuck hole. She drew her tongue up the length of my slit and circled around my clit. Shock waves of seething pleasure travelled through my body. I opened my eyes and that magnificent cock was still dangling over my face. Felicia was working her strong tongue in and out of my fuck hole and tickling my clit, back and forth from hole to clit to hole. I couldn’t stand the pleasure without crying out. Tony leaned forward with his hands on the platform on either side of me, so the large pink head of his cock rested on my lips. I couldn’t help myself. At that moment, I wanted that thing in my mouth. I wanted to feel the salty smoothness sliding in and out between my lips. I wanted to swirl my tongue around that gorgeous bulb in my mouth, so I opened my mouth and Tony pushed his cock in deep. I thought I might choke on it, but he pulled back a little, then in again, and out and in and…

I had a huge orgasm. The combined thrills of being helplessly tied down, the big pink cock in my mouth, and Felicia’s skilful licking at my pussy just shook me to my soul. My whole body seemed to contract, and a spurt of pussy juice shot out of me all over Felicia’s face. She stood up smiling, her face dripping with my cum juice.

“Thank you, honey,” she said. “Your pussy juice is sweet as can be. You must eat well.” She laughed again, looking at Tony’s big cock plunging in and out of my mouth. “Yes,” she laughed, “I see you are eating very well… white meat.”

She knelt again and began to undo my ankle restraints. I tried to see around the cock in my mouth. I caught glimpses of Nick standing naked beside Felicia. His cock was huge, but not fully erect. When she’d released both my ankles, Felicia turned her face to Nick’s cock that was dangling heavily in front of her. She took her two large hands and wrapped them around the massive black meat and guided it into her mouth. I still had Tony’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Looking at Felicia’s thick, pink lips sucking in Nick’s coal black cock, I came again, seeing her ecstasy. Hearing both Nick and Tony moaning with pleasure, and feeling the sensations of Tony’s cock in my mouth at the same time, I simply began to cum in a long stream of shuddering ecstasy myself. I could feel the cum juice running out of my throbbing pussy and trickling down my ass crack.


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