Nick’s cock grew stiff and stood out straight as a rod. Felicia stood up and straddled me so she was facing my feet. Tony pulled his cock out of my mouth and Felicia lowered her pussy onto my face. I had never eaten pussy before. Her pink pussy lips were swollen and turned outwards so her pink insides were visible, cum juice trickling down and dripping onto my boobs. Felicia pressed her pussy gently onto my mouth. I couldn’t resist licking it. As soon as I tasted the sweetness of the glistening juice, I started licking and flicking my tongue at her clit. I tried pushing my tongue into her fuck hole, and she came again, squirting her sweet juice all over my face.

Tony crouched to rub his hot cock all over my face, getting Felicia’s slippery juice all over the pink head of it. When his cock was glistening with the lubricating juice, he began pushing it into Felicia’s ass. I lay there helpless, with the black and pink pussy on my mouth, looking up at the massive pink cock plunging in and out of the black ass. I felt Nick grab my ankles and lift my legs up high so Felicia could hold them up by the ankles while she sat on my face. Then I felt Nick’s huge, black cock pushing into my pussy. It was almost painful, and at the same time, tremendously exciting. I came yet again, and gushed clear juice all over the shaft of Nick’s enormous cock. He plunged the thick, hot, black dick in and out to the hilt. I could feel his heavy, black balls slapping against my ass. When he was about to cum, I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, pulsing with a life of its own. At the last minute, he pulled out of my pussy and shot a huge, hot gob of semen onto Felicia’s big, black boobs. It dripped from her large, red nipples onto my flat stomach. Nick’s cock throbbed again and again; each time it squirted creamy cum all over my body and Felicia’s.

Tony began to groan and he pulled his long, pink cock out of Felicia’s black ass. Felicia stood up and let go of my ankles. My feet fell to the floor because my legs felt like rubber. Tony began to cum, and he shot his semen all over my face and tits, as well as Felicia’s shiny black ass. I opened my mouth to let him shoot some cum onto my tongue. I was insane with passion by that time, and didn’t care what happened. I wanted to experience it all. Nick released all my bonds and I sat up. Felicia pushed me back down and knelt to lick all the cum off my tits and tummy. When she finished and stood up, I sat up again and licked all the runny gobs of cum off her tits and stomach, and turned her around so I could lick it off her magnificent ass.


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