Felicia went to the large, thick, red carpet in the middle of the room and lay back with her knees in the air. Her pink pussy was calling to me, luring me to taste again that sweet juice. I crawled to her and started licking her pussy again. I was on my elbows and knees, with my ass in the air. Tony knelt behind me and pushed his big, stiff cock into my pussy. He had really good moves, and each stroke sent shivers of pleasure through me. I was in a trance almost, revelling in the juicy pussy I was enjoying. Felicia came again, and her juice squirted into my face and ran down over her pulsing asshole. I was licking it up when her asshole on my tongue felt wonderful. I pushed my tongue into her ass and she came again.

Tony pulled his hot cock out of my pussy, and I felt him press the tip to my asshole.

“No, don’t!” I cried. “It will hurt! I’m afraid.”

“Fuck you!” he growled, and pushed his oversized cock right into my ass ‘til I could feel his balls on my cheeks. The pain was somehow delicious at the same time. And almost at once the pain disappeared, and all that remained was the delicious part of the sensation. I have to admit that all the pleasures were heightened by the badness… the perversion of it all. And after I got into it as much as Nick, Tony, and Felicia were into it, it was all about consenting adults doing what they choose to do. I was forced into it… and was glad of it; otherwise I’d have never experienced all this.

I had to stop eating Felicia. Tony’s work in and out of my ass was driving me into spasms of ecstasy. I rested my head on my arms and just enjoyed the chills and contractions that coursed through me while Tony was fucking my ass. Felicia slid her face under my stomach and I lifted up so she could get her face between my thighs. She was licking my pussy with her wonderfully skilful tongue when I felt Tony’s cock throbbing in my ass. At the moment he shot a giant load of semen into my asshole, I had a shuddering orgasm that poured sweet juices all over Felicia’s black face again.

All of us needed a break by that time. We went into a bedroom that had a huge, square bed in its centre, and candle sconces on the walls all around. Nick went around and lit the candles while Tony, Felicia, and I crawled onto the bed. Nick joined us after the candles were lit. I watched him walk to the bed, that fabulous cock swinging like a wrecking ball. He lay beside me on the bed with his huge, soft cock flopped over his thigh. I felt small next to his large, black body with its bulging muscles. I wriggled around as if I was a kitten wanting to nurse. I took the cock into my mouth and sucked on it like it was a nipple. It began to swell up in my mouth and Nick rolled me over on my back with his knees beside my head and his cock stroking in and out of my mouth while his face was near my pussy. I was looking up at his big, black balls as they lifted and fell with the cock in my mouth, so the soft ball-sack dropped onto my eyelids and off, on and off.


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