I raised the gun at arm’s length and aimed it between Felicia’s thighs. The noise was enormous in that enclosed area and the strong stench of gunpowder filled the cloudy air. The blanket jumped where the bullet bore into the mattress. The three of them jumped up in a confused bundle, their ears ringing and their minds confused. After a few seconds, Nick realized what was going on. He slid off the bed to come after me.

“Give me that gun,” he shouted. I cracked the whip at him so just the tip snapped his gorgeous ass. The stinging pain stopped him.

“You don’t give the orders now. Mister Equalizer here,” I said, and gestured with the gun, “has changed the balance of power.” I turned to Tony and Felicia, who were sitting up in bed with stunned looks on their faces.

“Let’s go, friends,” I said. “We’re going to have us a party.”

“I don’t believe those are real bullets,” Tony sneered. I leveled the gun at one of the lit wall sconces across the room, and fired. The sconce shattered and the candle dropped to the floor, spilled some melted paraffin and went out. Tony went pale, and even Nick’s black skin went chalky.

“Nick, lay down on the bed. Tony, kneel between his legs and suck him off, Felicia…”

“Like fuck I will!” Tony bellowed. I lashed out with the bullwhip and raised a glowing red welt on his pale, tight ass. He screamed with pain.

“Do it,” I said. “You might get to like it. I did.” With much awkward hesitation, Tony got into position and tentatively put his lips on Nick’s knob. Nick was looking over at me, worrying about what else I was going to do to him. The feeling of power over them was fabulous for me.

“Felicia,” I continued, “you stand over Nick and piss on him while I shove this massive dildo into Tony’s lovely asshole.” The big, black cock in his mouth muffled Tony’s protest. Nick just covered his grimacing face with his hands.

I made Felicia suck my dildo first, to lubricate it with her saliva. Then, while she stood astride Nick who lay on his back on the floor, his hands over his face, I went around behind Tony. It seemed he was beginning to like having the big, black cock sliding in and out of his mouth. I pressed the tip of the big, red plastic cock to Tony’s asshole. It clenched closed involuntarily, as he anticipated what was coming. He didn’t have to wait long. I rammed the entire length of the huge accessory right into his ass, just as he had done to me with his big, hot cock. Tony cried out for just as second, then went back to sliding Nick’s throbbing cock in and out of his mouth. I realised he was into it, hoping to get a blast of semen. I was only too happy to help.

While I pumped the dildo in and out of Tony’s yielding asshole, I switched on the vibrations and made it swell up. At that moment, the pee started to flow out of Felicia’s black pussy to pour down all over Nick’s broad chest. It excited him so, that he shot a huge load of semen into Tony’s mouth. At the same moment, I made my dildo shoot cream into Tony’s ass, and the shock caused him to swallow his mouthful of Nick’s thick cum. The thrill of that made Tony shoot his load all over Nick’s black ass while Nick’s cock shot another load all over Tony’s face. The dildo’s vibrations in the part in my pussy gave me a huge orgasm too. Tony started to laugh, as did Felicia, and this made Nick laugh too.


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