While they were rolling around together, laughing with pleasure and relief, I grabbed my street clothes and ran out of the place into the outer space in the large building. I jammed a shovel against the handle to lock them in. To my shock and surprise, when I turned around I found that there were three burly workmen there, moving some large crates and pipes. I found myself standing naked except for the thigh-high red vinyl boots and the Dildo strapped into my pussy, and my street clothes in my arms. As soon as the three sweaty oafs saw me, they stopped working and surrounded me.

“Well, boys,” one of them said, “It looks like a good time for a break.” He grabbed the dildo and ripped it out of me and tore the straps that held it on. Before I knew it all three of them had peeled off their coveralls and stood sweating before me. Their cocks hung deliciously out of their hairy bodies and I could imagine what they intended to do. In seconds, one of them was flat on his back under me; I was astride his big, hard cock, pushing myself up and down on it. One of his buddies put his cock in my mouth and told me to wet it good. When I did, he went around behind me and pushed it deep into my ass. When I lifted off the cock that was filling my pussy, I pushed my ass deeper onto the cock in my ass. At the same time, the third guy came around and shoved his cock into my mouth. All I had to do now was rock back and forth on my hands and knees. Forward, the cock in my mouth slid in and the cocks in my pussy and ass slide out. When I pushed back, the cocks behind me slid in and the one in my mouth slid out. It was heaven. We all had deep orgasms at the same time and fell in a panting heap.

As soon as I could, I got into my tattered street clothes and escaped the building. I hailed a cab a few blocks away and made my way home. I showered for an hour and dressed in fresh clothes in time to get to work. It had been a Hell of a night, and I felt I was the better for it. I felt like a new woman. When I got to the office, I asked the partners if I could stay with the practice as a lawyer instead of receptionist. They looked at each other, discussed it briefly, and concluded that they did have a bit more work in the firm than they could easily handle. They agreed to give me a try if I could find my own replacement for the reception desk.

Within a couple of days, I was able to get in touch with Felicia to offer her the job of receptionist. She said she didn’t need to work, but would accept the position if it would include another position. She explained that she’d come to work with me if she could kneel under my desk and eat my pussy for half an hour each day. I saw no reason to reject that idea, so she became our receptionist, and I became a top lawyer. The things I’d learned about self-confidence and aggressive psychological strength during that long night of sexual debauchery stood me in good stead as a lawyer. Within a year I had a very strong success record in the courts.


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