While I watched, Rhoda went to the door to her apartment. I supposed James had come home through the front entrance rather than mounting to the landing from the courtyard. Rhonda opened the door, and I was surprised to see a tall black man smiling at the door. I was even more surprised when Rhoda threw her arms around his neck and kissed him while he groped her ass with his big hands. They broke apart and Rhoda closed the door behind him. I watched fascinated as Rhoda immediately knelt in front of the guy, right there at the front door, and reached up to pull his zipper down. No way was I going to stop watching at this point.

I gasped and covered my eyes – just for a second – when Rhoda groped around in the black guy’s fly and pulled his cock out. Anyone would gasp at the sight of the guy’s cock. It was absolutely huge, and looked like a family sized chocolate bar. It dangled heavily and swung like a pendulum. As if it was chocolate, Rhoda began licking it eagerly. The guy just closed his eyes and turned his face to the ceiling.

The massive, black cock started to grow even larger, and rose as it stiffened. Rhoda lifted the cock to her mouth and held the guy’s balls to plunge the thing between her lips. It was too big for much of it to disappear into her mouth, which looked like it was stretched to capacity. The guy tilted his head down and smiled while he watched Rhoda enjoying his cock. After a minute, his eyes rolled up in his black face and he put a hand on a wall to steady himself. I wondered what was going on, but just for a second. Rhoda pulled her face back from the rock-hard, trembling, black cock and held it in both hands. Seconds later, a big glob of thick, creamy cum blasted out of the huge tip of the cock and splashed onto Rhoda’s forehead. She appeared to be laughing, and opened her mouth wide just as the pulsing cock shot another squirt of thick juice, right into her mouth. She swallowed it, and the final blast hit Rhoda’s chin and was dripping down onto her cleavage.

I had to stop watching then. I was having my own orgasms just seeing that and my legs felt like rubber. I went into the bathroom to masturbate into two more orgasms. When I cleaned myself up I felt better, and went to my workspace. I had a couple of hour’s work on old Mrs. Clara Clarkson’s memoirs and I hoped that would clear my mind of the lingering titillation of my neighbour’s escapades. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay away from the window. Night had fallen by this time, and it was totally dark out, except for the glow of the downtown city lights in the distance.


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