Across the courtyard, Rhoda and the well-hung guy were not at the front door any longer. They were in the bedroom. Rhoda was naked, kneeling on the edge of the bed with her ass projected out toward her lover, apparently in ecstasy. The guy was standing on the floor behind her with his pants around his ankles, and he was shoving the gorgeous cock in and out of Rhonda’s pussy. I sensed something moving in the courtyard. I looked down and saw James, looking tired after a day’s work, trudging up the steps. He was nearing the landing below his own. I looked up at the bedroom window. The black guy was howling at the ceiling as he pulled the whole length of his cock out of Rhoda’s pussy and shot creamy cum all over her white ass. She looked very happy, and she reached around to spread the slick juice around on her plump ass cheeks.

James arrived at his landing and stepped down into the kitchen area near the front door. He put his sad, old briefcase on the table and went looking for his… girlfriend? Roommate? I still wasn’t sure of their relationship. I was mesmerised by the unfolding drama across the courtyard. I saw James’ shock when he entered the bedroom. By that time, Rhoda, still naked, was sitting on the edge of the bed, the black guy in front of her, his pants still around his ankles. Rhoda was sucking the wonderful cock, licking and slurping all the cum and juices off of it.

James shouted and ran from the doorway to the big guy and shoved him violently away from Rhoda. The guy fell hard because his legs were bound together by the pants around his ankles. He toppled over the corner of the bed and fell on the floor on the far side. James shouted at Rhoda while the big guy struggled to his feet and stepped out of his pants. James slapped Rhoda hard just as her lover stepped up and punched James in the face with his huge fist. James flew back against a dresser and sent cosmetic jars and bottles flying everywhere before he collapsed to the floor, out of my line of sight. The Black guy put his pants on while Rhoda got dressed and took her purse. She kicked James’ prostrate body once before she left arm in arm with her lover.

I waited a few minutes to see James get up. He didn’t, and when I felt confident that Rhoda and her companion were gone, I stepped out onto my landing and descended to the courtyard. I crossed to the steps on the other side of the courtyard that lead up to James’ flat, climbed up to his place and went in. The first thing I did was lock the front door with the deadlock and the security chain, in case Rhoda and the man with the monster cock returned. I went cautiously toward the bedroom. James was a mess. His face was covered with blood, his eye was starting to swell, and I could see the footprint from Rhoda’s kick on his white shirt… she might have broken his rib.

“Who are you?” he said while I helped him up and took him into his kitchen.

“I’m Virginia Madison. I live across the courtyard, and I saw the guy hit you,” I told him. “When I didn’t see you get up after a few minutes, I decided I better come see if you’re okay. Are you okay?”

“I’m fabulous,” he said. He flinched when I tried to dab the blood away from his swelling face.

“Funny,” I quipped, “you don’t look fabulous.”


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