“That first night, I made him relax. I told him to stretch out naked on my bed. His young body was very pale, with not a hair on his chest or his balls. He was only fourteen, and nervous but eager to feel what sex was like. I took his cute little pale, hairless cock into my mouth and sucked it while it grew hard and straight. I mounted him and raised and lowered myself on his little cock. I looked down at Donny. His eyes were clamped tightly shut. I took his hands and lifted them to my tits. Donny opened his eyes and looked at me and at my tits in his hands. He began to squeeze them on and off. He obviously didn’t know how to caress, but I let him experience it. His clumsiness was kind of cute, and I enjoyed the feeling of power over him, like Dad had over me. I could understand now why Dad had started with me. Control feels good.”

“Donny’s cock was too small to give me any real feeling in my pussy. I slid off it now that it was slippery with my juices, and moved a bit so I could slide the sweet little cock into my ass. At first Donny tried to protest, objecting to having his cock put into my ass. His protests didn’t last long. I clenched my asshole and bobbed up and down a couple of times, and Donny came. He blew a load of cum into my ass. He almost screamed, but I put my hand over his mouth as his eyes rolled up into his head. When he lay quiet, moaning softly, I lifted myself off of him and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself out. I brought a damp wash cloth back to my room and washed Donny’s cock clean before I took it into my mouth again and sucked him to another orgasm. His load of cum was small, and I was able to swallow it easily. It was sweet.”

“The reason I’ve left home is because of Mom. I convinced Dad that he should ask Donny to join us in sex, so he could teach Donny properly. My real reason was that I wanted to have Dad’s big, hairy cock in my pussy and Don’s cute little cock in my ass at the same time. The night came when Dad arranged it, and there I was, squatting over Dad with his hard cock in my pussy while Donny was behind me with his smooth little cock in my ass. I lifted myself up and down slowly, sending intense sensations through me. When Donny came in my ass, he cried out as the gush rushed into me. I couldn’t reach behind myself fast enough to cover his mouth.”

“Mom had wakened to go to the bathroom, and she heard Donny’s cry of ecstasy. She opened the door to my room just as Donny was pulling his cock out of my ass and Dad and I were having a mutual orgasm. Dad was writhing and moaning under me, and I was sweating, nearly collapsed with the contractions that squeezed my own juices out of me. Mom was freaked out, started yelling and throwing things. Mom made life at home intolerable, and I was not able to have sex with Dad or Donny again.”


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