“I was used to sex every few days, and it was tough doing without it. There was nowhere else to get fucked, ‘because we lived on a remote farm, quite far from the next farm or the nearest town. Anyway, that’s why I left home on my eighteenth birthday. To have sex and follow where life takes me. I know that some day, one of my lovers will be the one I will belong to all my life. It won’t be his lovemaking that captures me; it will be his sensitive intelligence and gentle nature.”

I didn’t bother to type. In fact, I don’t think I could have typed at that moment. With the enormous stimulation of my growing feelings for James combined with the memory of Rhoda with that big, black cock in her pussy doggie style, and the sensitive emotions I’d developed for James, I could hardly do anything but masturbate. I wanted to get greater and greater thrills. I didn’t just masturbate in my chair at the computer. I masturbated on the toilet. I masturbated with my dildo on my bed. Finally, out on my landing I looked across at James’ landing and imagined myself sitting on his handsome, angular face. I had a huge orgasm because the risk of being seen added excitement to masturbation.
I decided that I was going to fuck James Gordon, no matter what. I went to the supermarket and stocked up on stuff to make a great supper for James, to help seduce him. I learned long ago that the way to a man’s cock is through his stomach, followed by a warm, wet mouth to make his cock hard as a rock. I started a chicken roasting in the oven with baby potatoes. I got Brussels Sprouts ready and in the steamer, had coffee Hagen-Daz for desert with Baily’s Irish Cream to pour over it. I set the table for two, with candles, flowers on the side (so we could see each other across the table). I showered, worked on my hair, put a touch of colour on my face, and watched for James return from work.

He didn’t enter through the courtyard. He went through the main entrance so he could pick up his mail, I guess. I didn’t see him ‘til he entered his apartment. I saw him open the door and flip on the light. I watched him put down his briefcase and take off his jacket before he walked into his bedroom. The light came on, and again I could easily see that he hated being there. Well, I thought, perhaps tonight James Gordon would spend the night in my bed. I was thinking of that while I watched him move awkwardly around his room. Suddenly he turned and walked to the window of his bedroom and stared right across at me. I looked across at him through the landing door and waved. He waved back with a hesitant movement.

Everything about James’ body language indicated that he was suffering… even with his hard-earned new success, and after a truly wonderful evening out the previous night, he was left now with his lone thoughts, and was suffering with them. I waved at him to come over to my place. He gestured that he didn’t understand. I stepped out onto my landing, and he tossed his jacket on his bed and crossed to his kitchen and stepped out onto his landing.


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