James stepped back from me to unbutton my shirt. His eyes didn’t leave mine while he did it. He just ran his nimble fingers down the front of my shirt and it fell open almost as if by desire. His warm hands slid into the opening to cup my tits gently. He pushed my shirt back over my shoulders and it slid down my arms and dropped to the ground. I began to get a wonderful feeling of relaxation, just standing there with my arms hanging loose at my sides while this terrific guy prepared me for sex… and love.

Deftly, James released my skirt from around my waist and let it drop to the floor on top of my shirt. I was standing there nearly naked, in three-inch pumps and tiny, white, lacy panties. He stepped back to look me up and down with an appreciative smile on his face.

“You’re gorgeous, you know,” he said. His hands on my shoulders pushed me back on to the bed. I lay back with my feet still on the floor. James knelt in front of me to remove my pumps. Then he took the panties by the two thin sides and slid them smoothly and slowly down my legs and off over my feet. He picked up one foot and kissed it gently, and I feared he might be a whacko foot fetishist. He disable that fear immediately, as he kissed his way up my inner leg, planting his soft, warm lips on my skin inch by inch. He didn’t just brush my leg with his lips. I mean he planted them on my skin and pressed them to me while several seconds ticked by. It began to feel as if he was inserting the heat of passion into my body through my pale, transparent thigh skin. I began to boil inside, almost wanting to shout ‘hurry up already… get to the damn pussy’… but I didn’t. I just closed my eyes and let my mind fly away.

James’ mouth finally got into my pubic hair. He pressed his lips to my pussy lips and lingered there longer than the other kisses. Then his tongue, with slow, controlled movements, pushed the swollen lips open and with its tip, circled my clit… just once, damn him. He withdrew, stood up, lifted my legs and swivelled me around so I lay on the bed, naked. James rolled me over onto my stomach, and with surprising strength he slipped his arm under my pelvis and lifted my middle section up off the bed to slide two pillows under me. He withdrew his arm, and I thought he might be getting ready to fuck me from the rear. I thought, even if he wants to fuck my ass, I’ll let him do that. He’s so gentle, I’ll bet he could do it without hurting me. An ass-fuck is just one of the fantasies I’ve never realised, and James is the perfect man to take that cherry for me.


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