I was ready for James to come over to the bed and lean over so his cock would hang down so I could reach it with my mouth. I wanted him to do that. I wanted to get it all into my mouth while it was soft, so I could feel it swell up and grow hard in my lips. Again, I was surprised by James’s actions. He knelt at the bedside and put my one leg over his shoulder so he could put his face into my cunt. He did it at once, but very gently. With delicious, delicate moves, his tongue travelled up and down the outer edges of my pussy lips. Then he gradually opened the wet slip, and while I worried that he might be offended, I knew at once that he was far from offended. It was as if the taste of my juices drove him into a cosmic high, and he began caressing every part of my pussy with his tongue and lips. He sucked gently on my pussy lips, licked all around my clit and slid his tongue down to slide it in and out of my fuck hole. I exploded with a gushing orgasm, and the contractions made me scream out loud.

James licked heroically, obviously pleased to receive the sweet, warm juice out of my pussy. He was careful not to render my pussy insensitive, and he had the wisdom to leave the sensitive parts alone while they recovered. He stood up then and dangled his semi-erect cock over my face. I reached up to cup his balls in my hand and draw his cock down and into my mouth. It tasted wonderful.

I was past any inhibitions by that time, and was thrilled at the feeling of him growing hard in my mouth, and the cock grew too long for me take it all in. I just slid him in and out as far as I could take it, and hoped I could get him to cum so I could swallow his thick juice just as he’d enjoyed mine. Instead, he rolled me back onto my stomach with my ass in the air with the pillows under me. He got onto the bed behind me and put the head of his cock between the lips of my pussy. His cock was big, so I had to push back onto it while he pushed it into me. When it was in, he began a wonderful, gentle motion, shoving the whole length of his cock into me, then withdrawing it before plunging into my pussy again. Each time he pushed the whole, hot length of it into me with some other kind of movement, a sideways pressure of some kind that made each stroke a lift toward an enormous orgasm.

At just the right moment, James began to stoke in and out of my pussy with more power and a faster rhythm. He was playing me like an instrument, and I was deeply convulsed by a long, drawn-out orgasm that left me feeling faint. I shook involuntarily at the super-sensitive rush that ran through me as James slowly withdrew his throbbing cock from my juicy pussy. I was limp and weak when I felt James’ cock pushing into my ass. I was about to protest, when I remembered Mrs. Clarkson’s manuscript. She described the pleasure of having her brother’s little cock in her ass. James’ cock was anything but small. All the same, I wanted it inside me. I wanted as much of this wonderful man inside as many of my body’s openings as possible.


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