There was some pain at first, while James pushed his cock into my ass, but it was not so bad, and didn’t last long. I was soon enjoying a whole series of rushes and sensations I’d never before experienced. I was glad that James was my first one. I could feel that I was a virgin for him… at least my asshole was. I was becoming more and more excited with each stroke of James’ cock. My inhibitions were falling away as the pleasure increased until I was left with feelings of great excitement at this adventurous lovemaking. It really was lovemaking. I loved James at that moment. The excitement of his lovemaking, his gentle nature and wonderful caresses touched my spirit deeply. His gentle movements in my ass wrenched another massive, lasting orgasm out of me.

I had begun to have feelings for James when I saw him suffering when he discovered Rhoda’s treachery. Having experienced James intimately, I recalled anther line in Mrs. Clarkson’s manuscript: ‘I know that some day, one of my lovers will be the one I will belong to all my life. It won’t be his lovemaking that captures me; it will be his sensitive intelligence and gentle nature’.

James finally had his orgasm. It was massive, and the feeling of all that hot cream blasting into my ass delighted me. His cock kept throbbing and squirting gob after gob of creamy cum into me, and the feeling of it made me cum even another time. I was wiped out, sweating, and happier than I’d ever been with a lover. James rolled off of me and lay beside me, panting. He turned his face to me and smiled the warmest, sweetest smile I’d ever seen. He was panting, and didn’t try to talk, but his eyes told me what I wanted to know. He was feeling toward me the same as I was feeling toward him.

I could barely move, and didn’t really know what to do next anyway. After a minute, James got up and helped me to my feet. We clung to each other as we made our way to the shower together. He sat me on the toilet lid while he adjusted the temperature. He helped me into the warm spray and stepped in with me. We washed each other. We hugged each other in the warmth of the cascade of water that ran down our bodies. We kissed each other. We loved each other.

We went to bed together. Before we went to sleep, James cuddled up to my back with his arm over me, and he spoke softly into my ear.

“You are my angel,” he said. “You have shown yourself to me – even given yourself to me – and elevated me to feelings and pleasures I didn’t know existed. You make me thrice what I am alone. I love you, and I beg you to come with me into the thrilling adventure that lies ahead for me. I know that I am about to leave behind the life I’ve known as I take my new opportunity to its full potential. I don’t believe I can reach my own full potential without you at my side. Do… do you think you could do that? Leave this life and tread with me into the unknown, fraught with secrets, some dangerous and some beneficial, knowing me as little as you do. Will you?”

I turned to face him, put my arms around him and his around me, our legs intertwined. My boobs pressed on his firm chest, and his cock warmed my thigh. I put my lips to his ear.

“I know all I need to know about you, James,” I said. “I love you and I respect you like no other man ever in my life. I will give all my support to you and your dreams no matter where they lead. I just want to be with you.”

“I love you,” he said. “You complete my life.”


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