Oral Sex: Failsafe Love Making

Oral sex is totally different for men and women to receive and give. Some people love it, some people dislike it. For devoted lovers, it should be a natural desire to provide the thrill of this most important foreplay component. Some lovers, male and female heterosexuals, derive great pleasure from performing cunnilingus or fellatio. Some other lovers are repulsed by the idea of the oral caresses that can be so enjoyable to the recipient.  One wonders how a loving partner can be repulsed by an act that is as natural as any of the many natural desires in mammals.  All mammals are naturally urged to perform cunnilingus as part of preparation for penetration of the female by the male, yet some men avoid it as much as possible, or completely. I have no idea about what it’s like for lesbians, so I will not comment.

It’s not something that I can understand.  In my long life as a womanizer, I have had lovers who wanted only cunnilingus, others who feared it. I’ve had lovers who wanted only to perform fellatio, and wanted only to swallow the semen. Most, however, enjoyed both as a natural part of the lovemaking activities.  There are some who prefer anal penetration, but that’s a separate subject.

There are two aspects of cunnilingus that I particularly enjoy.  One is that I simply enjoy it.  It gives me pleasure to give so much pleasure to an eager recipient.  The second is that it can’t fail to bring the lady to deep orgasm.  Especially at my advanced age, when the penis can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing disappointment.  The tongue, on the other hand is a durable muscle, and can be utilized to provide the lady with a surprisingly satisfying sequence of fulfillment. It never doesn’t work, whereas the penis has a mind of it’s own.

If one fears that the prolonged manipulation of the clitoris might become tender or irritated, a thoughtful lover can simply resort to gentle caressing with the underside of the tongue, which is less abrasive yet equally effective.  Any form of variation in the caresses also helps to keep the clitoris sensitive, rather than a single movement, repeated at length. The person providing the cunnilingus can also be rewarded with some remarkably sweet nectar that issues from the vagina.

Fellatio, I believe, might be an oral caress available only to humans, but I’m not at all sure of that. I believe that, almost universally, men desire and enjoy receiving fellatio.  There are exceptions, of course.  There also exceptions to some women when it comes to enjoying enveloping a penis with lips. I don’t know why many women find it repulsive, while others enjoy it enormously. I, personally, am a rare example of a man who does not enjoy receiving fellatio, except when my lover wants to do it because it brings her great pleasure, otherwise it’s difficult for me.t’s a psychological thing. Many decadesKid's brains ago, my lover at the time insisted she wanted to do it in daylight while we were in my open sports car, in the driveway of her parent’s home. I was nervous, as you can well imagine. When she’d satisfied herself, she sat up and said, “The things I do for you.” Well, she hadn’t done it for me.  I had not wanted her to do it, and the idea that she considered it a sacrifice was so upsetting to me, that I’ve rarely been able to enjoy receiving those precious oral caresses ever since.  This worked out well only when my lover loved to receive cunnilingus and disliked giving fellatio. Fortunately, I enjoy very much performing fellatio, so it’s not a great disappointment.

Despite what most people believe, oral sex is universally practiced, by people in every walk of life, including orthodox clergymen, wealthy professionals, indigent paupers… simply everyone who feels free to be natural.


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