Women Should Run Everything

I believe that we can get good insights into ourselves by observing animals.  I don’t mean the usual teamwork of ants and bees kind of examples for ourselves.  I mean the relationships between male and female animals. Many examples demonstrate that the female is the more capable while the male is less so.  Females find and create the den or home.  She breeds and hunts to care for her brood. The male will be seeking another female while the female is making the hard decisions and doing the right things.

The current crop of female leaders is very impressive and encouraging. Heads of corporations and heads of governments are now female, and only because they are the right choice for the job. The female is more sensible. She will make the appropriate decisions, unencumbered by the macho factor.  Males are driven to claim their territory, to dominate the area.  The female has a broader view.  Take care of the responsibilities first, reap the rewards after they’ve been earned.

Men should learn of the comfort to be found in the position of follower, and let the women take the lead. They’re often smarter than men.  They can work tirelessly when they have to.  Working single mothers nurture, earn, protect and nourish, seven days a week, sometimes for years. Some men could do it too, but women do it better.

Women have their own goals.  Get out of the way and let them score.  It will be good for all of us.


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