Invitations To Passion [3]

“I’m sure it’s just a tribal traditional name or something,” Sondra shrugged and drove around the frozen pond to the cottage.

They stopped in front of the low, stone building and Sondra turned off the engine. The heavy wooden door of the cottage swung open. A large figure was framed in the doorway like a black silhouette with just the soft light of the fire behind it and the inviting perfume of wood smoke delicate in the crisp night air. The silhouette lifted an arm to the side and a porch light came on.

“Let me help you Ms. Childerhouse… Ms. Trask,” Darkwater said. He stepped out into the glare of the light. Sondra gasped at the sight of the tall, handsome man. His aquiline nose was prominent in his handsome, angular face. Eyes dark as coal shone out from under the strong brow. Midnight black hair framed his dark face and hung like a curtain down over his broad shoulders and halfway to his narrow waist. The light buckskin shirt was tight across his deep chest, with leather thongs straining to hold the v-neck closed. Faded, well-worn blue jeans clung to his powerful thighs and gorgeous ass. He carried the heavy trunks and cases of equipment from the car as if they were weightless, and deposited them gently in the cottage while Maris nervously fussed over them. Darkwater moved like a mountain lion, gracefully and silently in fringed, moose-hide moccasin boots.

“Thank you, Darkwater,” Sondra said. “I hope you’ll call me Sondra, and this is Maris, my camerawoman and technician. May I call you Darkwater?”

“How ya doin’,” Maris said when she looked up from fussing over the crates of equipment.

“Yes, my name is Darkwater, Sondra, Maris,” he said. The sound of his voice sent a rush through Sondra’s body. He spoke in a low register, with a warm timbre that seemed to make her clitoris vibrate in sympathy with his voice. Even Maris looked up when Darkwater spoke, and she’s a life-long lesbian. When he left, Sondra watched him walk across the frozen pond, a proudly striding figure of a large man, faintly illuminated by the light from the porch of the big house. Sondra was curious to see where he went, and was intrigued when she saw him stride past the big house without a glance at it. He strode straight into the dense forest on the far side of the big house and disappeared in the blink of an eye. She peered desperately at the point where he disappeared, hoping to see a trail entrance. Suddenly the porch light went off, and the clearing was cloaked in darkness. When her eyes became accustomed to the change, Sondra could see the clear moonlight sparkling on the crystals in the soft, deep snow all around her.


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