Invitations To Passion [5]

Darkwater tapped at Sondra’s window in the middle of the night. She put her robe on and went to open the door for him.

“May I come in,” Darkwater asked in his warm, gentle voice. Sondra swung the door wide for him and he shook the snowflakes out of his long, black hair before he stepped inside onto the impeccable pine plank floor in his moose-hide mukluks.

“Is something wrong?” She asked him, concerned that something might ruin her chance for the interview. It had seemed impossible since she first heard of it, and now she thought the anticipated disaster had occurred.

“Yes,” he said. After a long pause when he just stood there in his wet buckskin shirt with the snowflakes melting on the wide shoulders, he said, “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Sondra was stunned for a moment before she replied.

“I can’t stop thinking about you either,” she said. She melted into his arms, her cheek on his chest. The deep drumming of his heartbeat in her ear was a pulse of passion that vibrated down to her pussy. She almost came, and the rush was intense. He dropped his arms and Sondra stepped back. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom.

Sondra quickly adapted to the sudden situation. She decided she’d sit on the edge of the bed and undo his jeans and reveal his cock and suck it hard. Before she had a chance to execute her strategy, Darkwater sat on the bed and stood her before him between his knees. He opened her robe and casually looked at her body, obviously enjoying the view. He slid his hands into her open robe and cupped her ass cheeks in his big, warm hands. He pulled her closer and kissed her tits. He sucked lightly on each nipple so they stood up hard. At the same time he slid one of his big, warm hands between her thighs. She opened her legs slightly to encourage him.

He caressed her pussy lightly with his knowing fingers, and when a small orgasm sent some pussy juice down onto his hand he slid his fingers into Sondra’s fuck hole. He began to slide his fingers in and out of her pussy while his thumb played with her clit. She came so hard she couldn’t stifle her cry and almost staggered on her rubbery legs. Darkwater stood and turned her around so he could lower her gently back onto the bed. He knelt on the floor beside the bed and opened her legs to put them over his wonderful shoulders so he could slide his gorgeous face between her thighs.


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