Invitations To Passion [6]

His tongue was wonderful. He caressed her outer pussy lips lightly while they grew hot and wet. When his tongue parted her lips and began to make little circles around her clit, she came with an animalistic growl that doused his face with her juice. He licked eagerly, obviously happy to have her juice all over his chin and in his handsome mouth. He thrust his tongue in and out of Sondra’s hole and she came again, harder and wetter than ever.

“Sondra, Sondra,” she thought he was chanting a mantra with her name. “Sondra, wake up!” She came to her senses and found she was in her bed. Maris was standing over her.

“You were shouting in your sleep,” she said, smiling down at Sondra. “You were having a nightmare I think. You woke me up.”

“Oh, god,” she said. “What was I shouting?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, “but it sounded like, ‘eat, love, eat’, if that makes any sense to you.”

“No,” Sondra lied, “it doesn’t. Sorry I woke you.”

“No problem,” Maris said. “Do you need something? Warm milk? Dildo?”

“Very funny, Maris,” she said. “It was a wet dream.”

“I have a terrific dildo, really,” she said. Sondra had never used a dildo and told her so.

“Wait a sec,” Maris said, and hurried to her room and came back with a big, black plastic dildo. Sondra watched fascinated while Maris pushed one end of it into her very hairy pussy and strapped it on so a huge cock was protruding out at her.

“Does that actually fit into a pussy?” Sondra said, staring at the monster.

“Let’s see,” Maris said, and pushed Sondra back on the bed. She was shocked, and at the same time, eager to experience what Maris planned to do to her. She put Sondra’s legs up onto her shoulders and rubbed the big plastic cock all over her pussy lips to get Sondra’s juice all over it. When she finally pushed it into her pussy, Sondra was amazed that it fit, and the stimulation deep inside her made her come immediately, with a gush of juice that squirted all over Maris’ mat of pubic hair. Sondra was weak with fulfilment, lying there trying to regain her senses when Maris pulled the big cock out of her pussy and crawled up over her to rub the plastic cock all over Sondra’s face. She licked at it eagerly, tasting the sweetness of her own pussy juice.

Maris tucked Sondra into her bed again and went to her own room without another word. Sondra went into a deep sleep again, and didn’t waken until morning when Darkwater knocked on the door. He carried a large tray that he brought in and put on the table. He removed the cover from the tray and revealed a sumptuous breakfast. Sondra thanked him and silently hoped she hid her blush. She was still unsettled by the memories of her tumultuous wet dream and the unexpected escapade with Maris.


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