Invitations To Passion [9]

When she was set up, Maris prepared the harness for her to carry the steady-cam. She would move around the pair during the interview capturing close-ups and profile shots. She clipped tiny microphones on Garrison and Sondra’s collars and started the audio recorder that would run steadily during the interview and capture every word. Maris knew that some of the juiciest items happen when subjects think the equipment is not on. Editing later, she could put all the best pieces together into a well-paced, informative interview.

“Ready when you are,” Maris said after testing and adjusting her steady-cam. “And soon, please… this rig is heavy.”

“Please be seated, Sondra,” Garrison said. Sondra made herself comfortable in the chair beside Garrison and began the interview. She asked the powerful man where he came from and what motivated him to attain so much success. He admitted that fear of poverty had been a driving force in his life ever since his own impoverished childhood. The interview continued as expected until Rainbird interrupted them for lunch.

They sat at a round table in a bright solarium. There were four of them at the table, because Rainbird sat with them after she brought the food cart from the kitchen. Sondra noted that this indicated that she was not just a housekeeper.

Conversation was sparse during lunch. The food was spectacular, and included an appetiser of jumbo shrimp with wonderful spicy sauce followed by lobster tails and sweet butter sauce. There was a Fettuccini Alfredo side dish, and baked Alaska for desert. Maris’ coarse nature was somewhat melted by the fine meal and wine, as well as the warm atmosphere around the table. Rainbird had been especially gracious toward Maris, who responded with uncharacteristic warmth.

“This is a really fabulous meal, Rainbird,” Maris said. Sondra was surprised to notice a girlish tone that she had never previously seen in Maris.

“Thank you, Maris,” Rainbird replied. Sondra was surprised to see a lady-like aura about Rainbird that she would not have expected. “I’ll be happy to show you my kitchen. It’s a wonderful environment for what I do there.”

“Thank you,” Maris said. “I’d like to see it. Some footage will be helpful for the broadcast, as well.”

Sondra looked at Truman and saw that he was watching Rainbird with a look on his face that appeared to be apprehension.

“Will you let me know when you’re free?” Rainbird said.

“Perhaps this evening,” Maris said, “after this afternoon’s shoot is done.”


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