Invitations To Passion [10]

“Nonsense,” said Truman Garrison. Sondra saw him recover his composure before he spoke. “There’s no need to hurry this… uh… project. We can continue tomorrow. You can stay a day or two, can’t you dear?” Garrison said, looking into Sondra’s wide eyes.

“Why… yes, I suppose we can,” Sondra said. “I’ll call our executive producer and clear it.” She looked at Maris who smiled at her. Sondra shrugged slightly. Things were unfolding in a most unexpected way.

The group chatted amiably over the baked Alaska desert and fresh coffee. In the end, Garrison excused himself to go to his computer to complete some communications. Sondra returned to the cottage to call her boss about the extended stay. Meanwhile, Maris went with Rainbird to the kitchen.

When Sondra told Richard Morrison, the executive producer, about the extra time, he was overjoyed and told her they would make a TV special out of it. Sondra hurried back to the big house to give Maris the good news. She found her way to the kitchen and cautiously pushed through the swinging door. She didn’t see anyone until she stepped further into the room to peer around some stainless steel pots hanging on a rack. She heard a sound like moaning and looked in that direction. She shrank back and spied between some of the hanging pots to see Rainbird and Maris.

Rainbird was sitting up on the kitchen counter with her buckskin skirt gathered around her waist while Maris stood in front of her, bent over with her face in Rainbird’s pussy. Rainbird’s head was tilted back against an overhead cupboard, rolling back and forth while she moaned in ecstasy. She watched for a minute while Maris eagerly licked and kissed the native woman’s pussy, until she began to become aroused by what she saw. The tingles in her own pussy and the moisture in her panties grew uncomfortable. She remembered vividly her unexpected coupling with Maris, and it trebled her discomfort. She turned and quietly left the kitchen and made for the front door when she was halted by a call from the study.

“I assume there’s no problem for you to stay to complete the interview,” Truman Garrison said. He came toward her and held out his hand. “Come, I’ll show you the house.”

“To tell the truth, Mister Garrison,” Sondra said as she took his hand, “my boss was happy. He’d like to make an hour special about you. Maybe call it ‘A Visit with Truman Garrison’, if you approve.”

“We’ll see,” Truman said. “To begin with, you must stop calling me Mister Garrison, and get comfortable with just plain Truman, or even Tru.”

“I’ll try, T- Truman. It’s just that you’re so famous, an important person, and it’s difficult to be that familiar.”


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