Invitations To Passion [11]

“We must overcome that, Sondra,” Truman said while he led Sondra toward a grand staircase. “I think it would be a very good thing if we were more familiar.” Sondra became a bit flustered. Having the beginnings of what sounded like seduction coming from this man to whom she had been attracted for some time was simultaneously stimulating and intimidating. She began to envision herself making love with Truman. He was about twenty years older than she was, but still youthfully energetic and certainly very handsome and in excellent shape. Better, Sondra thought, than most of the men in their forties whom she met through her work. The only men she met through her work were immature and quite boring. The sense of adventure that surrounded the somewhat mysterious Truman Garrison was far more stimulating than the awful sameness of most of the men who wanted to date Sondra Childerhouse.

Sondra was not only very attractive to the eye, with her dark blue eyes, clear alabaster complexion and cascades of shining black hair. She was also attractive to hear, with a warm voice that was comforting and expressive hear when she spoke. And she spoke several times each week on television. She was not truly a celebrity, but she was a favourite of the local community who chose the small local station over the big network stations that were in the same market. Unknown to Sondra, Truman Garrison was an avid watcher, and had fallen in love with the young broadcaster without ever meeting her.

“You must have wondered why I offered you this interview,” Garrison said while he showed Sondra his private gymnasium, exercise pool, and sauna.

“Of course,” Sondra said, thinking how nice it would be to relax in the sauna before a brisk swim in the pool. It was equipped with a constant current that could be turned on so swimmers can stroke steadily against the current even in the pool that was only twenty feet long and fifteen feet wide.

“I see by your expression that you would like to relax with some of my facilities,” Truman said.

“Yes,” Sondra said. “That’s true… uh… Tru.” They both laughed.

“Well, why not,” Truman said. “We’ll start with a sauna, okay?”

“I… I’m not prepared,” Sondra stammered. “I have no bathing suit or anything…” Truman led her to a door.

“This is the guest dressing room,” he said. “You’ll find whatever you need in there. I’ll get the sauna steamed up.”

Sondra thanked him and went into the dressing room. There were several robes of thick terrycloth to choose from, in a variety of sizes and colours. She chose a pale green robe and took a large, matching towel from a shelf filled with towels. Sondra undressed and wrapped the towel around her before putting on the robe. She went directly from the dressing room to the sauna room. Inside, the warm steam was swirling up through a wooden grate in the floor. She hung the robe on a peg near the door and sat down on a comfortable wooden bench. She reclined and let the steam envelop her in warmth until she heard the door open.

Sondra looked up to see Truman enter with just a white towel around his waist.

“I didn’t know we were to be here together,” she said. “I’m not totally comfortable with this situation, Truman.”


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