Invitations To Passion [14]

“I guess I’m an intrusion, having arrived uninvited and unannounced,” Sondra said.

“I didn’t have to invite you in,” Eamon said.

“Why did you?” Sondra said while she stared into the dancing flames.

“I find you special. More special than most,” he said. Eamon sat up on the floor and reached out to Sondra. She looked at him for a moment, his handsome features enhanced by the golden light of the fire that flickered over him. She reached out and put her hand in his and he drew her to him. As if she were weightless, Eamon easily placed Sondra comfortably beside him. She reclined on the bear fur, warm from Eamon having lain there. His arm stretched out along the floor so her head rested on his powerful biceps and his body pressed against her back.

Sondra closed her eyes and succumbed to the ecstasy of the moment. The dancing, crackling fire warmed her face, tits, and legs while the firm, supple body that pressed to her back, ass, and thighs warmed her too. When his free arm arched around her so his hand could fondle and caress her tits Sondra felt like she could melt into Eamon’s beautiful body and be part of him forever.

They lay silently spooned together on the soft fur rug while the fire grew less intense. Smaller flames danced on glowing coals, and shadows cloaked the pair as they grew more intensely together. Eamon’s large, warm, gentle hand deftly unbuttoned Sondra’s blouse and gained access to her warm, tingling flesh. He slid his hand inside her bra and caressed her tits, one and then the other, with gentle fingertip strokes. He played with her nipples, and shuddered against Sondra’s back when he felt them grow stiff and erect.

Sondra relinquished control within herself. Her inner animal was responding to the avalanche of stimuli from the situation, the aura, and the powerful male animal that lay with her. She broke away from Eamon’s arms and rose up on her knees to shed her blouse and bra and toss them aside with careless abandon. She knelt on her hands and knees arched over Eamon’s face so her tits hung down with her nipples brushing against his full lips.

Eamon eagerly kissed and sucked at Sondra’s nipples. He slid his hands between her thighs and massaged her pussy through her jeans. She could no longer restrain herself. She stood up quickly and dropped her pants and stepped out of them. She walked naked to the liquor cabinet with her glass in her hand. She poured a mouthful of Chivas Regal into the glass and transferred it to her mouth before she walked back to where Eamon lay watching her with a bemused smile on his handsome, angular face.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Sondra knelt beside Eamon and opened his jeans to pull them down along with his shorts. His cock, rising stiffly, bobbed up in front of her. She didn’t take the time to pull his pants off over his feet. Instead, she took his cock into her mouth. The whiskey she’d been holding in her mouth had grown warm, and Eamon caught his breath at the shocking pleasure that shot from Sondra’s lips straight to Eamon’s cock when it was engulfed in the her hot mouth filled with whiskey. Sondra was delirious with joy, pleasure, and relief to at last feel lust again. She lifted her face from Eamon’s rigid cock and turned to kiss him. They opened their lips, and the hot whiskey poured from Sondra’s mouth into Eamon’s.

Sondra turned again to Eamon’s throbbing cock and took it as deeply into her mouth as she could, and began sliding it in and out of her lips, savouring the fragrance and the texture of the tight skin. Eamon easily lifted Sondra by her hips and placed her pussy over his face, so they were in the classic sixty-nine position on the soft rug before the glowing fire coals.


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