The Land of Milt and Honey – one

There is always an awkward period when a new employee joins a company. Milton Korn was an advertising agency copywriter, and was moving from one agency (Market Wise) to another (Sherman, Hennesy and Guiprotte). It was the common way creative people in advertising increased their income.  They would get a job at another agency at an increased salary until their reputation elevated, and they would seek commiserate pay increases. Either the current employer would increase the salary or the ‘talent’ as they are called would move to another agency that would pay enough.

Milton was twenty-two years old.  He was short, nice looking, well groomed and talented. The vice-president of creative welcomed Milton Korn in the vast, glossy reception area at Sherman, Hennesy and Guiprotte.  He was shown down the corridor to his office, and introduced to the team he’d be joining. He was introduced to Marcia, their assistant, and Bob McKay, the group creative director and Milton’s new teammate, art director Honey Bloom.

Milton Korn was dealing with the confusion of the first day on a new job, and got an emotional jolt when he was introduced to Honey Bloom.  She was twenty-six years old, five foot eleven inches tall, with a splendid figure and the face of a movie star.  Actually, she very much resembled Julia Roberts with blond hair worn cut short. Milton’s knees trembled when he shook hands with Honey, and stood looking up at her while she looked down at him, a bemused smile on her face. Milton was humiliated to realize that she was well aware of the visual impact she made and enjoyed watching him deal with the rush.

  “Can I get you coffee?” Marcia asked.

  “Y… yes,” Milton said.  He followed Marcia down the hall to the coffee room.

   “This is it,” she said and stepped into the small kitchen.

   “Okay, thanks,” Milton said. “I’m going to have to set up my office, so would you please bring a coffee with cream and sugar to me.”

   “No prob,” Marcia said.  Milton went back down the corridor to his office.

He sat in his comfortable chair behind his spotless desk and looked around the room. Marcia brought the coffee, Milton thanked her and she went back to her desk in an open area in the midst of this creative team. His computer was state of the art, and the drawing board he requested was also there, next to the high, wide window that looked down on the rooftop swimming pool of the hotel next door. It was unoccupied the first time Milton saw it.

He was arranging the few things in his office to get it how he liked it. Honey came and stood in the doorway holding a coffee mug that had printed on it ‘Girls are good’.

   “May I come in?” she said.  “Yes, of course,” Milton said, and gestured toward the two visitor chairs in front of his desk.  Honey sat and crossed her long, shapely legs.  She wore black tights that highlighted her legs, a short, black skirt, black Nike sneakers and a red t-shirt that had black type on it that read: ‘This Must Be The Place’.

   “I guess it’s pretty obvious that we’re both Jewish,” Honey said.

   “Yes, I guess it is,” Milton said.

   “Do you think that’s why they put us together?” she said.

   “No,” Milton said.  “I think that your qualities as an art director and my qualities as a copywriter are simpatico.

   “Well, we’ll soon find out, Milt… may I call  you Milt?” she said.

   “Sure,” Milt said.  “May I call you Honey, Honey?”  Honey winked.

   “We have a major creative pitch to prepare and we get briefed tomorrow.  A new client opportunity – a brewery,” she said.

   “I don’t drink,” Milt said.

   “Neither do I, Milt,” Honey said.  “Come by my office some day soon.  We can visit and chat and get to know each other.” She left Milt’s office.


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