The Land Of Milt And Honey – 2

Milton Korn was berating himself for not responding to Honey Bloom’s invitation to visit in her office. He had thought about it… he had been unable to not think about it. He had partnered with women in the past, and had successful work experiences with several female bosses. Honey was a different story. She was so tall, so smart, so beautiful and all in a healthy body with wonderful proportions that one rarely sees.
“You’re wanted in conference room ‘A’,” Marcia, the creative group assistant said. She stood in the doorway of Milton’s office.
“On my way,” Milt said. He was going to have to face up to Honey, because they’ll be together in the briefing. He took a pad and a couple of pencils and left his office and immediately bumped into Honey, on her way to the same briefing.
“Nice to see you, Milt,” she said, striding steadily down the corridor.
“Y…yes,” was all Milt could say as he tried to fall in step with her long strides.
Once they entered the conference room, Honey took a seat at the large oval table and nodded to Milt to take the chair next to her. He did so, with a nervous smile at Honey. Milt struggled to pay attention to the briefing, and was relieved to note that the briefing was covered in a three page memo that he was handed. Sitting this close to Honey, he could feel her warmth. Her fragrance was clean and subtle. Milt was surprised when Honey suddenly leaned close to him.
“I like the way you smell,” she whispered. Milt was taken aback. He felt confused, and could barely muster a response.
“Thanks,” he said. “You smell good too.” Honey flashed a golden smile at him and returned her attention to the account executive who was giving the briefing. At the end of the meeting, Milt and Honey walked down the corridor together.
“Could you come to my office for lunch?” Honey said. “I could have the cafeteria put together some sandwiches and coffee and we can discuss the brewery pitch.
“Yes, I could come,” Milt said. “I’ll be there in a minute.” He went into his office and sat at his desk and wondered how he could handle this. He can’t be near her without feeling hot, and it must be that way for every man who sees her.
In Honey’s office there was a round, black coffee table surrounded by six red leather chairs. At the other end of her office were her desk, chair and cadenza. When Milt tapped on her door frame, she was seated at the round table.
“Come in, sit,” Honey said with a wave at the chairs around the table. Milton chose a chair on the farthest opposite side from Honey. “Why so distant, Milt?” she said. “Do I smell bad?” Milt had to smile.
“You smell too good,” Milt said, his bravado pumped up. “And I can see your lovely face straight on, where I was stuck with a profile in the meeting.”
“So you’re not a totally silent, locked inside yourself kind of person after all,” Honey said.
“Yes, I am,” Milton said with regretful resignation.
“Well, we’ll see if we can’t loosen you up a bit,” Honey smiled. “I bet you even live with your mother.”
“She needs me,” Milt said.
“We’ll soon put a stop to that,” Honey said. The cafeteria bus boy delivered the lunch of three kinds of sandwiches and bottles of water. Honey tipped the boy two dollars and chose half a tuna sandwich and a bottle of water. Milton Korn struggled to focus his concentration on the job at hand. Milton chose a ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. After they ate, they began the discussion on the brewery project.


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