The Land Of Milt And Honey – 3

From the point of view of Milton Korn, he found working with Honey Bloom quite pleasant. She was open to original ideas and had good, valid ideas of her own to put on the table. Honey, for her part, enjoyed working with Milt. He was witty, had a great turn of phrase when he wrote, and his energetic enthusiasm brought a sparkle to the creative meeting. In the end, they had three strong, valid concepts to launch a campaign for Schpielnicht Hearty German Beer.
The suits from the beer company arrived at the office and were promptly shown into conference room ‘A’ where Milt and Honey had laid out their presentation with a TV storyboard, a script and some layouts for magazine ads. To say their work was well received would be an understatement. The beer boys liked the three executions so much, they said they wanted to go back and argue for more budget so they could produce all three commercials and some of the print ads.
Back in Honey’s office after the successful presentation, the pair was flushed with success and satisfaction. Honey sat behind her desk with her feet up on it. Milton’s feet were also on the desk next to Honey’s from his visitor’s chair.
“Wanna play footsie with me?” Honey said with a playful, alluring grin.
“I’d rather buy you lunch,” Milt said.
“I’d prefer to buy you supper,” Honey said.
“That’s very nice of you, Honey-baby,” Milt said.
“Honey Baby!” Honey said. “Where did that come from?”
“I’m sorry, Honey. I got carried away,” Milt said. “The heat of the moment, as it were.”
“Well, I love you Baby, but if you call me honey-baby again, I’ll cure you of it,” Honey barked.
“Whew. Sorry ba… uh… Honey,” Milton said, just to tease. Honey picked up a nearby magazine and tried to throw it at Milt, who swung his feet off the desk and leaped out of his chair to run from Honey’s office as the magazine fluttered down to the floor in the hall. Marcia, their assistant, picked up the magazine and returned it to Honey’s office.
“You like him, eh,” Marcia said.
“Yes, I do,” Honey said almost whistfully.
“Does it bother you that he’s much shorter and younger than you are,” Marcia said.
“Only in that I’m afraid it will bother him,” Honey said. “We’ll have supper together tonight, and we’ll see how it goes.”
“Good luck,” Marcia said and returned to her desk thinking that she wished she could have supper with Milt. He was so cute and funny and witty, not to mention handsome and in pretty good shape from what she could see. In any case, she wasn’t going up against Honey for Milt or any other man. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, she was also Marcia’s boss.
Milt was seated at a good table in Harry’s Steak House when Honey arrived at eight, as agreed. She was a vision, striding along behind the host in a dazzling gold lame top over a banana yellow skirt that was cut several inches above the knee. Milt leapt to his feet and held Honey’s chair for her.
“You look terrific,” Milt said, looking into Honey’s dark blue eyes.
“You’re not so bad yourself,” Honey said. The waiter brought the champagne stand with a bottle of Dom Perignon in the ice bucket.
“That’s an appetizer I asked for,” Honey said. “I thought, for two people who don’t drink, some quality champagne should be a nice ice breaker.”
The waiter poured two flutes with the fine champagne and left the table. Milt and Honey touched glasses and looked into each other’s eyes.
“Here’s to us,” Milt and Honey said in unison.


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