The Land Of Milt And Honey – 4

The Champagne was doing its job and the atmosphere around their table became light and warm. Inhibitions were reduced, and the two bright people chatted, weaving themselves together with mutual appreciation. Milton had sole almandine and Honey had roast beef au jus. They talked and ate for an hour. They agreed to have dessert and to share half and half, so each could have some of the other’s.
Milton ordered Baked Alaska which impressed Honey, because she’d not heard of it before and was eager to experience it. Honey ordered Raspberry Cheesecake and black coffee. Milt order cappuccino.
“Is Honey formally your name, or is it a nick name?” Milt said during dessert and coffee.
“It’s real. My father took over his father’s honey business. He built it up to be an international brand, Beez Bezt Honey.”
“Really, wow,” he said. “I see that stuff in stores everywhere, and I use it on my cereal every morning. You must be one of those rich Jewish Princesses.”
“You got it! That’s me all the way, and it’s driving me crazy,” Honey said.
“What do you mean?” Milt said. “You must have everything you want.”
“Yeah, tangible things.”
“Don’t tell me you’re a poor little rich girl!” Milt said.
“It can be a problem, having wealthy, influential parents,” Honey said. “Certain expectations, certain obligations foisted on you. It has it’s shitty side, like anything else. Where do your parents live?”
“I live with my mother. I help her get along since my father left eight years ago,” he said. “It’s in the Jewish ghetto but it’s where she’s comfortable. Convenient shopping in stores she knows and so on, so she stays there. I’d like to get my own place, and I’m negotiating with my sister to take over my duties with mom.
“Where would you like to live,” Honey said.
“In the country,” Milton said. “Real wilderness. A cabin in a forest. But for practical purposes, in a rural area, farm country within an hour of the city. It’s a satisfactory compromise.”
“Yeah, that sounds like something I could tolerate,” Honey said.
“Where would you like to live,” Milton said. They sipped their coffee and explored each other with exchanges of information. An unexpected bond began to grow between the working class ‘nice Jewish boy’ Milton Korn and the rich Jewish Princess Honey Bloom.
“I’d want an island,” Honey said. “You could be by yourself in nature, people not coming around to bother you, and maybe I could even get time and space to paint, to do art that’s not for advertising.”
“I’ve always thought of a farm as a sort of island,” Milt said. “You’re surrounded by fields and forests, probably a river or a pond, maple trees, pine trees, wildlife. You could have animals, horses, cows, pigs, llamas, sheep, goats…
“Okay, okay, I agree with you. The farm idea is a very good compromise,” Honey said.
“I watch the ads all the time,” Milt said. “Ideal places come on the market from time to time, but to get one close to the city, the cost per acre is out of my reach. I don’t want to settle for five acres or something like that. I want about a hundred acres, with forest parts, cultivated parts, livestock parts.”
“It’s an exciting idea, buddy,” Honey said. “I wonder if we could do it together if we pooled our resources.”
“You? With me? In the same house? In the country… together? I – uh …
“You like the idea, I guess,” Honey laughed.


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