The Land Of Milt And Honey – five

The week flew by in a rush of pre-production meetings, agreements as to who would find and choose locations and actors, not to mention designers, production houses and so on. As the week drew to a close, Milton Korn approached Honey Bloom with a thought for the weekend.

“I’ve circled a few ads for farms and country acreage within an hour’s drive from the city, and I thought I’d take a drive in the country to see how things look,” Milt said. “What do you think? Are you busy?”

“Well, not with anything really important,” Honey said. “Could I bring a girlfriend?”

“I guess, well, if you want to,” Milt said. “And I’ll bring my mom.”

“Okay, I guess,” Honey said. “It will be a little get-together like one happy little family.”

At the appointed time Milt and his mom arrived at Honey’s apartment and found her ready and waiting in the lobby. Honey guided Milt to her girlfriend Shawna’s apartment and found her, too, ready and waiting. Introductions were made all around, and polite small talk ensued among Mrs. Korn, Honey and Shawna. They covered the weather, some show business outrage, some books and mainly some recipes. Meanwhile, Milt drove. His GPS was mounted on the dashboard, so finding the properties in their rural areas was not a problem.

As they travelled from property to property, they were educating themselves for when they might really be in the market for the big move. Mrs. Korn was of mixed feelings about the idea. She didn’t really want her son to leave home. On the other hand, it was past time when he should do it. She would provide his room as part payment for a boarder to double as a household helper.

After they’d looked at several properties, they stopped at a small town local restaurant for coffee and snacks. There developed an unexpectedly vigorous and animated discussion among the four seekers. Originally, it was only Milton Korn whose ambition it was to live outside the city on a farm. Having visited four properties, each of which was breathtaking in its way, the three women had realized that he was very right in his ambition. They all got on board, until the choice of which property to buy came up and how to keep the financial aspect fair, honest, and safe.

Two of the properties had been land without any buildings. One was a hundred and fifty acres, the other was a hundred and twenty. It was decided that an old farmhouse was what they wanted. That left two properties from which to choose. They each had delightful characteristics in the lay of the land, and the houses were beautiful red brick, traditional family homes. Outbuildings like barns, stables, silos and the like were unknown objects to the city dwellers. However, Shawna, the black girlfriend of Honey’s, had grown up on a farm and was able to fill in some details about what goes on when there’s a property of that size. One of the properties was ninety-three acres and the other was one hundred and five acres, so the size of the property was not going to be a deal breaker one way or the other.

They left the restaurant and returned to the city in Milt’s van. During the drive, the small talk that had gone on during the drive out was replaced by vigorous arguments about the pros and cons of the properties and their potential. Milt began to wonder if he should have let the ladies into his plan. The peaceful aspect he sought was getting buried.


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