The Land Of Milt And Honey – six

Back in the office Monday morning, Milton Korn was reviewing his workload and deadlines for scripts for TV commercials. He was developing the beer spot, and he’d been assigned a new spicy chewing gum project. He wondered why they kept trying to market a spicy chewing gum when it never gained steady popularity. Honey Bloom appeared in his office doorway, a mug of steaming coffee in each hand.

“Busy thinking?” Honey said.

“That’s what they pay me for,” Milt said, and thanked Honey for the coffee.

“May I sit?” Honey said.

“Sure, an early coffee break,” Milt said, and pushed his sketch pad aside. He was the only writer that could also draw, but not nearly as well as his teammate, Honey. He just found that he could develop his thoughts more cohesively if he doodled them out as they are developed. Most of the time, Milt and Honey talked things out together, and were good sounding boards for each other. It was a good, productive pairing.

Honey sat in one of the comfortable chairs around Milton’s office coffee table. Milt was in his chair with his feet up on his desk. Honey wore a short skirt and crossed her long, gorgeous legs in a lady-like way. Milt doodled while they talk. He found it difficult to not stare at Honey, so he kept his eyes on his work.

“That one farm yesterday, the one with the outbuilding that will be a perfect studio, was beautiful,” Honey said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Milt said.

“Well, don’t get over-excited or anything,” Honey said. “What’s your problem?”

“The whole project is changing, and it’s not what I wanted,” Milt said.

“What do you mean?” Honey said, sipping her coffee.

“My mother there? Your friend Shawna there?” Milt said. “The creative atmosphere where I could write seriously would be out of the question. Your opportunity to develop your paintings would also be upset.”

“What if we built a new outbuilding,” Honey said. “It could be closer to the road, near the opening of the driveway. It would be convenient for them; we wouldn’t have to know when they went out or returned, or ever see them except when we want to.”

“That would push the cost up ‘way higher than we could manage,” Milt said.

“I’ll pay for it,” Honey said.

“Are you rich?” Milt said.

“Yes, I am,” Honey said.

“So you’re gorgeous, talented, intelligent and… single?” Milt said. “How is it that a woman with your obvious assets is a spinster lady?”

“Y’know, Milt, I really don’t know. It does seem unlikely, doesn’t it,” Honey said. “I don’t know how it came to be, really. It just sort of crept up on me. I dated and dated and dated many nice guys. Some rich guys, some starving artists, some mellow musicians, some crazy musicians, some actors, some businessmen… it’s just that none of them gave me this special feeling that I’m waiting for.”

“What kind of feeling?” Milt said.

“I don’t know, really,” Honey said. “I just think that I’ll know it when I feel it.”

“What do you think it will feel like?” Milt said.

“Good. It will feel good,” Honey said. “I will feel warm and safe. I will feel loved and desired. I will feel complete.”

“Do you feel incomplete now?” Milt said.



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