The Land of Milt & Honey – 11

Moving day at the farm, now to be known as ‘the country house’, was for Milt and Honey only, so they could get established before they moved Mrs. Korn and Shawna to the guest house. However, all of them were there to participate in the great move into a different plateau of life. The excitement was evident in the cheerful, chatty voices and eagerness to work together.

By the end of the day, Mrs. Korn was Hetta to all of them, and all were happily tired. Hetta kissed Milt on his cheek while Shawna and Honey hugged. Shawna left with Hetta in Shawna’s car. The new landowners were left standing awkwardly together on the front veranda waving goodbye. Then they were alone… together.

Both Honey Bloom and Milton Korn were scrambling through their minds, trying to recall how this had all happened. They knew each other for only a year, and only through working together. Both were wondering what they had done.

“Be careful of what you wish for,” Milt said, “because you might get it.”

“Do you have regrets?” Honey said.

“I’m just apprehensive about such a big, life-altering step,” Milt said. “Aren’t you?”

“All of life is an adventure to me, Milt,” Honey said. “This is just a part of the overall adventure. I look forward to it eagerly, to see what paths open up to me, you, or us.”

They worked together in the house, moving things around and unpacking boxes. The housemates began to learn about each other through the act of unpacking. Honey found a box of drawings and cartoons that Milt did for relaxation. Honey was impressed to find that Milt was not just a writer, but he could draw pretty well too.

Milt stumbled upon a movie script that Honey had written, and realized that she wasn’t just an artist, illustrator and designer, she could write well, too. They made some decisions about where things should be placed; other things were set aside until later. They called it a day at last, and sat on a porch swing together, sipping fresh coffee and looking at the orange sky in the west. Neither spoke as they were engulfed in the songs of the night creatures while the porch swing squeaked and squawked softly with their movements.

When darkness was complete and the sky was like a black dome that covered them, stars appeared to be tiny holes poked in the dome, permitting light from above to penetrate. At last, moving day had to end, and sharing a home had to begin.

“I guess that’s it for me,” Milt said. “I’m done for today, and we have tons of work to do tomorrow.”

“I know, I know,” Honey said. “I don’t need the reminder.”

“Sorry,” Milt said.

“No, I’m sorry, Milt,” Honey said. “I guess I’m a little apprehensive about the situation too. Oh, what the hell, if it doesn’t work out, we just undo it and carry on.”

“That’s true,” Milt said. “Let’s just relax and go to bed.”

“Okay,” Honey said. “Should I shower first or do you want to?”

“You go ahead,” Milt said, “I have to make my bed.”

“Too bad we don’t shower together,” Honey said, “to save water.”

Milt’s head spun around to look at Honey. He wanted to see if she was serious, but she was halfway up the stairs and he was looking at her backside. Milt was confused. Had he been invited to shower with her? Had it been an idle observation? Milt went to his room to make the bed.


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