The Land of Milt & Honey – 12

Morning was a long time coming. Milton Korn had spent a fitful night in the unfamiliar bedroom he had at the farm. It was totally dark. In the city, there was light spilling in through windows all the time, from streetlights and headlights. Because of the darkness, he could see out the window the spectacular array of stars that would never be visible in the glare of the city.

The sounds were different too. In the city, passing vehicles made noise, diesel buses made noise, loud radios could be heard on summer nights when windows were open. But now, Milton was lying in his usual bed, but in a very unusual setting. The darkness was so complete it was like having no eyes. Milton gazed out the window at the myriad stars so he didn’t have to stare into the absence of everything but blackness. The sounds were totally different from night sounds in the city. Frogs, crickets, peepers, owls and coyotes yelping after the pack made a kill. The sound that haunted Milt the most was Honey. She was as quiet as possible when she left her room and went to the bathroom but Milton heard her. His mind’s eye visualized Honey walking softly down the hall, draped in a totally sheer, transparent nightgown.

Not long after, Milt needed the bathroom. He realized that Honey might still be awake, and she would be listening to him going quietly down the hall. She might be visualizing him peeing, or sitting on the toilet. If only she wasn’t so tall and beautiful with that stunning athletic body. Milt began to think this sharing a farm property might not have been a good move. If he was going to be bothered by unwanted stimulation every time he saw Honey, days and nights could be quite uncomfortable.

Honey had tried to resist going to the bathroom because she, too, was feeling uncomfortable and intimidated by the rather hastily agreed partnership. She was lying in the darkness suffering the same strangeness as was Milton, although she imagined he was comfortably asleep. Honey obviously knew she was especially attractive. She had been all her life and beginning at twelve years of age she was often the target of male attention. Through her teens, through her twenties there had always been a suitor. She wondered if Milton might be a suitor. He was very sweet, thoughtful and good looking. She found being in Milt’s company was much more comfortable and pleasing than the fellows she usually dated. They always seemed to be trying to prove something so they could ‘score’ with the lovely Honey. Sometimes it made her feel like a lone queen bee.

Morning found two bleary-eyed housemates stumbling around the dishevelled kitchen, trying to find things to cook and things with which to cook. At last Honey found her frying pan and Milton found a dozen eggs and half a dozen bagels. He put some butter that was in a box with other kitchen stuff into the pan he was heating on the electric stove. He cut two bagels in half and lay the open faces on the hot melted butter in the pan for a few minutes to brown them. Then he turned the cut surfaces facing up and broke an egg into each bagel hole and covered the pan.

“This is delicious,” Honey said. “Can I expect this every morning?”

“If you like, sure,” Milt said.

“You’re an awfully nice guy, Milton Korn,” Honey said.

“You are too, and you’re good to look at as well,” Milton quipped.

“I’m glad we’re here, Milt,” Honey said. “Are you?”

“I think so. I’m still intimidated by what we’ve started here,” Milt said. Suddenly, Honey’s face lit up.

“Let’s get a couple of horses as pets,” she said. Milt looked at the floor, then out the window and then he put his head in his hands.

“Sure, why not?” Milt said quietly, muffled.


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