The Land of Milt & Honey – 14

The night passed in blissful lovemaking in Milton Korn’s bed. He was surprised and pleased that Honey Bloom had chosen to join him for the night. They had not had time to become accustomed to their new home in the country, nor their routine of sharing space. The most surprising thing to Milt was that Honey had perhaps desired him as he had been dreaming of being her lover.

In the morning they showered together and enjoyed each other’s bodies again. The tension and strangeness of a first time was washed away. Running his hands over Honey’s splendid body and flawless skin once again inflamed Milt’s passions. When Honey was lathering Milt’s lean body she encountered his prominent erection. She enjoyed feeling the hard smoothness in her hands as she washed the penis and the scrotum.

Again moved to passion, Honey startled Milt when she knelt in the tub, the warm water cascading over them. Milton looked down at Honey who seemed to be enjoying the look and feel of the circumcised organ. She slid her lips over the tip of the penis and used her tongue to caress it. Milton struggled to keep his balance and steadied himself with a hand on the tiled wall of the shower stall. He was caught in a fierce convulsion as Honey urged a deep orgasm out of him and swallowed the gush of semen that she took as a reward.

Honey stood up and put her arms around Milton. He was weak in the knees from the orgasm and let Honey lend a bit of support. They stood locked in an embrace with the warm water pelting against their skin and hair. After a few moments they kissed passionately before Honey stepped out of the shower enclosure and left Milton to recover himself and complete his ablutions.

When Milton joined Honey in the kitchen, she was humming happily as she worked over the stove. She prepared wonderful eggs benedict that were far beyond any breakfast Milt had ever enjoyed in his mother’s home. No sooner had they put away the breakfast dishes when Hetta Korn and Shawna came knocking.

“I just wanted to see if you’re awake this morning,” Hetta said.

“Why?” Milton said to his mother.

“For years I’ve been getting you up in the morning,” she said, “so it was a habit I guess.”

“From what I see in Honey’s face,” Shawna said, “I believe she got Milton very up this morning.”

“What do you mean?” Hetta said.

“Never mind, mother,” Milton said. “Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, of course,” Hetta said.

“I would like toast, coffee and conversation with Honey, if that’s possible,” Shawna said.

“Don’t be nosey,” Honey said. “How was your night? Are both of you comfortable in your rooms?”

“Perfectly comfortable, thank you,” said Shawna.

“Speak for yourself,” Hetta said. “I need a new mattress. Mine is too lumpy.”

“It’s the same mattress you had at home,” Milton said.

“All the more reason to get a new one to go with the new way of life,” Hetta said.

After half an hour of visiting, Shawna took Hetta into the nearest town to look for mattresses. At the same time, Honey and Milton went for a walk across their pasture and into the Tamarac forest that occupied almost forty acres of their property. They spoke little as they picked their way through the wild, natural forest.

They came to a clearing amid the trees. The sun warmed the ground which was covered with soft golden needles that had fallen from the Tamaracks over the years. They lay down of the soft, warm ground with only the whisper of breeze in the trees in the air. They slowly undressed each other and made love again in the serene forest.


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