The Land of Milt & Honey – 17

Milton Korn soon began to understand Honey Bloom’s attraction to horses. He learned that they are not the big, dangerous beasts he thought they were. He saw that they are actually rather timid, and that is one of the most difficult things to deal with. A fluttering bird in the tall grass can cause the dumb animal to panic… or pretend to panic. They pull a lot of tricks to get out of going for a ride.

The soft voice and gentle movements that came naturally to Milton helped him to gain cooperation from the horses. He went into their box stalls with them and groomed them properly as taught by Honey. At first he was intimidated of course. Close contact in an enclosure with an animal weighing about eight hundred kilograms with hooves hard as stone can be worrisome.

Milton trusted Honey, and did as she told him to do. His progress in caring for and riding the horses was rapid, with Honey as instructor. When Milt was sufficiently confident, they went outside the ring and into the forest for a ride. The environment was filled with beauty and fragrance as they followed a narrow trail through thick underbrush and around fallen Birch and Poplar trees.

Deep in the woods they came upon an ancient sugar shack. In the midst of this forest of mature Sugar Maples, the old shack must have been the site of much vigorous activity when the sap was running for a couple of weeks around March or April. Honey said that a farmer could earn his year’s income in the two or three weeks of harvesting sap and boiling up syrup. Milt wondered if it could be done again.

They dismounted and tied their horses to trees and carefully entered the shack. It was very close to collapsing. The dirt floor was covered with hundreds of sap buckets nested into each other in three long rows. The buckets had convex bottoms so they would not be used for any purpose other than gathering sap. A bucket with a convex bottom could not stand, it could only hang. Each bucket had a small hole on its cusp to slip over the tap hammered into the tree.

Outside of the shack was a clearing, warm in the midday sun. Honey stepped back to look at the ancient sloped roof that was covered with soft mounds of green moss. Milt looked at her, on her toes in her tight jeans and riding boots and was unexpectedly aroused. He approached Honey from behind and slipped his arms around her and cupped her breasts. She leaned back against him and the warmth of his chest. She turned in his arms to kiss him while he slid his hand into her jeans, down over her flat belly and into the tangle of hair inside her panties.

Honey stepped away from Milt as he slid his hand out of her pants. She shed her shirt and tossed it onto a bush. Milt stood by and leaned on a tree while he watched Honey on the colourful, dry leaves, glowing in the warm sun as she slipped out of her boots, jeans and panties. She lay down on the soft matt of dry Maple leaves, accumulated over decades and decades of time.

Milt walked to her and stood over her, one foot on each side of her waist. His shadow blocked the sun from her eyes. She looked up at him and watched as he also threw his shirt aside. He stepped away to shed his clothing and again stood over Honey. She watched his penis swing slowly and reached up to touch it. As she did so, it began to quiver and stiffen. Milt knelt over Honey and she accepted him and they made love in the sun while the horses stood patiently in the shade.


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