I just watched a bunch of beautiful women

Women are very difficult to understand. There were about a dozen women, all thirty to forty I guess, and every single one was beautiful. I would like to spend time with any one of them. They were there to discuss how ugly they believed they are and how there are a few specific moments during which they feel beautiful.

This was a table surrounded by some of the most delicious looking cougars I’ve ever seen, and they felt ugly. Why? I’m very old, so I was on the hustle in the 1950s. In those days girls almost armoured themselves with stiff, padded bras, with thick felt skirts and blouses up to their throats. They felt beautiful and to us guys they were beautiful – and beyond reach. We had to court and date and make ourselves desirable, even though there was rarely sex involved for years. Often, marriage was imperative, first.

In 2015 I view a video of a table full of beautiful women talking about their fears that they’re not beautiful. I think it was a site called SUREPANCAKE or something like that. I wonder if it might be that individual freedom and lack of inhibition has diminished men’s appreciation of the rare and wonderful thing that is a woman. Maybe men’s casual attitude toward women has led the women to doubt their beauty.

I believe women are mystical creatures, worthy of courtesy and attention. I don’t understand why all men don’t see them that way. There was a song in a long time ago very good musical play and film called South Pacific: “There is nothing like a dame – nothing in the world. There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame.”

In another show, called “Gigi”, an old French rogue sang, “Thank heaven for little girls, they grow up in the most delightful way.”


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