There’s More To Writing Than Sentences

Although I’m Canadian, I’ve been watching the political circus in The U.S.A.. For that reason I read a lot of comments by the public, both American and foreign. It surprises me that so little attention is paid to the non-literal communication innate in words. The authority of some statements requires authoritative words. On the other hand, a frivolous intent justifies frivolous use of words and grammar. For instance:

A commenter might say, “the guy is a idiot!” My intent is emotional as well as literal. This statement carries the feeling as well as the fact intended. The obviously erroneous grammatical errors make the statement feel like the guy’s an idiot. The impact of the same exact statement carries a different feeling if written traditionally:

A commenter might say, “The guy is an idiot!” My intent is for a different feeling in the same statement. The first example is flippant, using the words as one might use a physical wave-off put-down. The second example feels like a more thoughtful person who has considered the information before tossing off an opinion.

I like both. I also like slang and expletives because they are like the spicy sausage in the spaghetti sauce. The sauce is good without it but there’s more to enjoy with the spicy sausage in the mix. What you write is a sauce. Spice it to your own or your intended reader’s taste.


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