Rants: Execution; Firing Squad; Hijab.

I sometimes wonder if there might be a better way to deal with capital murder convictions than to feed, clothe and house perpetrators for life. I can’t understand what the imprisonment is for. Is it to keep society safe from a known murderer? Is it society’s revenge on law breakers? Is it to rehabilitate the offenders? Whatever it is, it’s a Hell of a burden on law-abiding citizens. Of course we have to do this to avoid the possibility of executing an innocent person.

Suddenly, I realize that the same DNA miracle that has helped release many death row convicts can be used to guarantee that the guilty person is guilty. Therefore, with considerable safety, executions could be reinstated. If a man’s semen is found inside the body of a woman who’s been raped and murdered, you know for sure he did it. Execute him instead of giving him the necessities of life, including health care, library and entertainment for as long as he lives.

Now that we can be comfortable with the idea of executions for capital crimes we can choose the best, sure-fire way to do it. Firing Squad is swift, sure and inexpensive. A special indoor shooting range should be developed, with a comfortable seat for the target and a special garment to deal with the blood.

A squad of six sharpshooters is assembled. Each is issued a rifle that has been prepared for the execution. Three are armed with live rounds; three are armed with live blanks. All six rifles are fired simultaneously on a signal and each marksman can feel that his gun was one of the blanks. The person that gives the rifles to the marksmen is not the person that loads the rifles. Therefore, it’s totally by chance which marksmen have live rounds.

Now I have a change of pace. Muslim women wearing face covering is their religious right. I think the mask-like garment is called a hijab. It seems to me something like the dietary laws of Jews and Muslims and others to avoid eating the meat of pigs. In the case of the hijab, the Canadian Government wants to see the faces of females being sworn into Canada as citizens. My burning question is: would a woman be struck by lightning if she showed her face for the few minutes out of her life to enter into this life altering commitment? Why argue? Drop the veil for a few minutes, and then put it back for the rest of your life. What’s the big deal?

Some time ago the Seinfeld Show did an episode wherein a girl who has eaten only kosher food all her life is accidentally fed an omelet with forbidden lobster meat in it. Totally not kosher. Now, is that young woman cursed for life because of one tainted breakfast? Can’t she just be kosher again for the rest of her life? Can’t the Muslim woman just pin the mask back in place and be ‘kosher’ (as it were) for the rest of her life?
It’s all really silly to me, because I’m an atheist and feel certain there is no god. I respect that these rituals are important to these religious people. I just wonder if it’s really worth the burden for one little infraction that is not at all permanent. Truth is, an hour later it’s like it never happened and was never done.


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