If Only I’d Known Then…

Two brushes with evil intent that I was too young to recognize. Now that I’m old and fairly wise, I regret that I didn’t recognize what I now recognize. Both situations are just surmises, but I might have done something had I realized.

First was Marcus. I remember that he always had a lot of pornography around him. He was a large, bulky guy even at fourteen. We were both fourteen and met in school. He had collections of photos and black and white eight millimeter pornographic silent movies. Remember, this was in the nineteen fifties. He was expelled from school because he approached a female teacher during recess and showed her some pornographic photographs. Years later, I hadn’t seen him since we’d matured. I heard he’d become a school bus driver. Now it worries me that he might have acquired that position for nefarious reasons.

Another situation that concerns me occurred when I was an older teenager. This tragically geeky guy that I knew vaguely from high school approached me while I was in my driveway tinkering with my car. The guy was so skinny I’d call him gaunt, and ravaged by acne, and just generally dorky. He said he knew I could attract girls whenever I wanted and he wanted me to attract a girl to some place where I could leave her to him to rape. I told him to get away from me and never speak to me again.

Now, many decades later, I wonder if I should have reported something to somebody. Of course, one can’t be arrested for thinking about something, but I fear he might have found some way to rape someone, maybe several women.


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