The Power of Money Reduces Quality

My favourite sport is automobile racing. Formula One Grand Prix racing, traditionally the pinnacle of motorsports is my favourite. Currently, the smaller teams are suffering severely from the huge financial burden that typifies Formula One. To avoid bankruptcy that would make a team disappear, these teams do not sign drivers by their quality. Rather, they hire drivers who can pay richly for the opportunity to drive. Young drivers who are sponsored by wealthy international companies bring millions of dollars to teams that display the sponsor’s name and image on the car, the uniforms and the helmets.

This same kind of lower grade acquisition dominates politics. The voting public is swayed by millions of dollars spent to win elections. The politicians that have big bucks to spend on campaigns are the more corrupt. They sell out to the corporations and individuals who bring money to the campaign.

The kind of straight-shooting candidates who would really represent the voters properly do not have the huge budgets because they have not sold out to big backers. They are the right people to do right by the voters but they rarely get elected. The bad guys, the corrupt sellouts have mountains of ill-gotten gains with which to overwhelm the good guys. It’s an insoluble conundrum.

It is unfortunate that it would not be possible to get the preponderance of the voting public to overlook the ubiquitous ads of the corrupt and vote instead for the candidates that actually work for their constituents.


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