Our Thick Skinned Planet

To me, the planet Earth is a living thing. The cool shell of the planet is like its skin. I have seen a rock appear as a patch of moss on a riding trail. The following year the rock had risen in the earth enough that the moss withdrew. The year after that, it was a low mound of granite in the grass. Year after year the rock thrust itself more and more out of the earth. After seventeen years one could see that it was a gigantic rock continuing to rise out of the earth, like human skin erupting slowly with a pimple or blackhead. That boulder, which is now about the size of a hay bale, looks like it’s going to push up through the earth and might well be the size of a house before it’s done. Like the visible portion of an iceberg is just ten percent of the whole with ninety percent submerged. That rock might be like that. I could be a mountain coming up out of the riding trail over the next millennium.


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