What Do You Call Your Sex Parts?

My granddaughter calls her vagina her ‘nunu’. She says that boys’ nunus have cookies in them. It’s the confused, innocent point of view of a four year old. When we get older we might become comfortable with our bodies. Teen age years are filled with confusion and insecurity, so they’re not ready, but later. I’m sure it’s different from individual to individual when they’re ready to get friendly with their privates.

I’m thinking of renaming my penis. He’s been known for decades as ‘Little Willie’. It’s too common, and is the usual name of penises on British school boys. I haven’t come up with an original yet appropriate name for Little Willie. However, my tongue is famous as Riccardo, and there’s no reason to change his name.

Do you name your penis, tongue, or vagina? I think it’s a good idea. It’s friendlier than simply referring them by their anatomical names: my penis; my vagina; my tongue. That sounds too indifferent for one so close to you.

A penis might be called ‘Big Joe’, ‘Sweet Harry’, or ‘Slim’. A vagina might enjoy being called ‘Daphne’, ‘Rose’, or ‘Lily’. A tongue invites a more exotic name; ‘Andre’, ‘Dominic’, or ‘Gaetan’. Female tongues could be ‘Belle’, ‘Lady’, or ‘Ilse’. It’s just something to think about.


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