Moments of Arousal

You must have experienced those moments of arousal. You might be a teenager on a bus, a salesman on a train, or an older woman on a plane. All are vulnerable to those moments of arousal. You stop into a convenience store to pick up a lottery ticket. The person who serves you looks up at you and you go eye to eye for just a moment and in that moment there is the inner trembling of arousal.

There’s nothing you can do. You’d like to know that stranger, perhaps have coffee, whiskey or lunch together, to talk and explore the root of the moment of arousal. Without saying it, you’re hoping that some sparks fly, or wishing you’d not joined the person for a social encounter because it’s not what you’d hoped. In any case, the moment can’t go farther because you don’t know each other, and that’s probably a good thing. If one gets two or three moments of arousal in one week, it can make one’s life very frustrating.

You’ve decided to walk home from your office. It’s a wonderfully comfortable day, the sun is hot but the street is shaded by tall buildings, and the ninety minute walk to your unoccupied apartment will help you dump the stresses of the day. You look up as a person in an airline uniform comes around a corner. Your eyes meet for perhaps less than a second, but in that speck of time, you’re curious about each other, feel lustful toward each other, but nothing happens because it can’t. The time and the place are wrong.

It does no good to hunt for that fleeting moment of arousal. It can only happen spontaneously. Many people spend time in clubs and bars, hoping to stumble into a moment of arousal with one who seeks the same thing. Usually, however, the meetings might lead to sensual activities, but without the magic moment of natural arousal.


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