Trump = Hitler

I’ve watched many documentaries on World War II. I was born in the 1930s, and I’m fortunately a second generation Canadian. My grandparents fled Latvia and Poland around the turn of the twentieth century, so they were here in Canada before Hitler and Stalin were able to slay them.

It’s strange that citizens give immigrants a hard time, because all our families came from immigrants, except the aboriginal people. What we did to them is horrendous, and what is festering in the USA right now is also horrendous.

The World War II documentaries trace Hitler’s rise, from his injuries in World War 1 to his street scuffles, jail time, drug addiction and his failure as an artist. The characteristic pontificating to the people who are ignorant of the realities is being replicated today.

The orange face of disaster looms closer every day as the narcissistic sociopath puts into positions of power – and blind obedience – children, relatives, and blind followers who share the destructive madness of the one.

Check out the Hitler history. Trump treads in his footsteps. This time, we have the example of the past in sharp memory, and the often spoken promise: “never again”. The many will have to fight yet again, for what is rightfully theirs. Victory had better be swift and effective, because what Hitler did is nothing compared with what Trump intends to do.

Good luck, America. Please try to not take Canada down with you, nor France, nor Italy, nor Britain, Greece, Spain, Germany, Rus..s….


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