From Whence Comes Religion

I wonder about the beginning of God. I’m confidently atheist and I’m quite certain that God did not come first and create the universe after. Some person created God. In fact, many people created many Gods. Some societies had a variety of Gods: one for love, one for food, one for war, and so on. The existence of these Gods is known because their stories have been carved into facades. However, they’re just stories told by superstitious, primitive, people.

The person in the robe, who stands at the podium in a house of worship, is not a special person. It’s just a person who has chosen a career spreading the word of God. Another person who was not special, of course, wrote the word of God. The people that accept the Bible, Torah, Koran, tealeaves or dry bones, are all equal in their belief and faith. Faith in what?

The stories of religions, holy people, and Gods are simply not acceptable to a logical mind. How can any of the stories be true? More importantly, why are they to be accepted by millions of people. Some millions to one God, other millions of people to a separate God must mean there is no real God.

Some idiots could accept a Mercedes Benz Gull Wing 300SL as a God, and it would be as valid as the God in which one must have faith without reason. Purveyors  of a faith based religion could anoint a salami sandwich as God. They are all equally false, as is the great God on high (wherever high is).

Religion is a business, and it acquires fortunes in its coffers, selling a story that is nothing more than a story. The gowns, the shawls, headgear and jewellery are all part of the sale. The building is serene and dignified, the congregation is grateful and pays, the religious institution accepts the funds and pays no tax, not even on the often-prime real estate properties. That’s quite a game they have there.

I admire the good works that many religions do: soup kitchens, bunks for the homeless, warm clothing and meals are all wonderful. It’s just that God need not be involved. Good people will handle it, just because they’re good, not God.


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