When You Lose Your Looks, Learn to Sing

This ancient Chinese slogan is obviously not meant to be taken literally. To me, it means when you become too old to do the things you have always done, you should find the activity that suits your aged physique. On the other hand, the people who have always depended upon their physical appearance to get through life might be unable to survive without beauty.

I know a woman who was so beautiful in her teens and twenties, any glamourous movie star would be shamed beside her. She was wealthy, as well, thanks to her father’s success. She married an associate of her father’s. The groom was a decade older than the bride, and was also very wealthy.

The girl didn’t really need much more, so she went to art college and later produced a series of objects that were duplicates of items she’d seen during world travels. She travelled the world with a paid gigolo. She believes she loves him and he loves her. She’s not too bright, I guess, because the guy left her and married another woman.

The only communication one ever sees from her is focused on her own beauty, as well as her beautiful daughter and granddaughter. I suppose she had ‘work done’, because now, in her seventies, she is still beautiful. She obviously dresses to hide her body and wears tinted glasses to hide her eyes. Her life seems to come to not much of anything that matters.

She tells me that she’s always loved me, since we met at a dance when we were in our teens. I don’t know why I only dated her a few times. There was nothing within her that attracted me. Afterward, a few of my buddies dated her, but did not become her boyfriend. It is strange that such a beautiful package should contain only sand.

I was good looking throughout my life, and I was surprised at the arrival of old age. I’m not a geezer type, although I am pushing on through life in my eightieth year. I still go up and down the stairs with little problem, and drive long distances, clear snow, and help my wife with the large garden. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m still good looking or not. I assume I’ve lost my looks, and I have, in my way, learned to sing.

I was a television writer, and I still write things like this, because I like to. I also sculpt clay, carve wood, draw a great deal and do some paintings. I’ve “learned to sing” in my way. I think It’s because I didn’t think I was good looking until I got into my middle teens. I realized it when girls became bold and told me I was handsome.

I used my looks in my professional life. Receptionists and secretaries would tell me the inside story on one executive or another, and get me appointments that were difficult to acquire. My talent and my way of life make my remaining time full and rich, even though I’ve lost my looks. That gorgeous, wealthy woman, however, is just empty. She’s a beautiful package with naught within.


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