I Knew Twin Girls

As always, there was the good twin and the evil twin. The evil twin was not terribly evil, it’s just that in their teens, the one twin was a typical ‘nice girl’ type, and the other twin was a bit promiscuous. In her twenties, she had a son with her husband, and the boy looked very much like his father, who was a prominent entertainment lawyer.

She had another son while she was married to her husband, and I’m quite certain that the second son is that of her lover. I’d met her clandestine lover through business, and the second son looked very much like him and nothing like her husband. The husband had thick, straight, black hair and an obviously larger than average nose. The son had a small nose and curly, light brown hair, just like his mother’s secret lover.

In a way, I can admire the promiscuous twin. At least she was doing something, finding excitement, enjoying a secret. The good twin was more discerning and had a more typical dating routine that was typical of the time. School dances and house parties usually included the same group, more or less. Over time, the twins sometimes were ‘dating’ one young man, then another, in the usual shuffling that can be expected among young people learning to be adult.

As an aside: there was a pair of twin boys in the neighbourhood that sometimes dated the girls. Friends could never be certain which girl was which each girl. Sometimes the girls switched for fun, and sometimes the boys, so no one ever knew. The bolder twin sometimes had sex with the date of the moment. The less bold twin was never promiscuous.

The only thing of note with the twins was that they accomplished nothing. Humble parents had raised them. Mother and father were shy, inhibited people. The mother was a stay at home of limited intellectual capacity. The father was a common tradesman. He was so inhibited in life, he didn’t buy a car until he was in his forties. When the day was raining, he would not go out in the car. The rain frightened him. He was a superb artisan in his trade, but childish in his view of society and life.

Each of the twins was slender and beautiful. If they had been able to become a bit bolder, with more personality, they could have enjoyed rich lives. As it was, each of their marriages was to a colourful man, each unique in his way. The mismatches soon became evident, and both marriages dissolved. Each had two children, one child of each found success in the entertainment profession, the other child of each declined into heroin addiction.

In the end, after the husbands divorced the twins, the men each went on to have colourful, successful careers in art and entertainment, as well as several marriages each. The twins left their simple jobs and became welfare and alimony recipients for the rest of their lives. They shared an apartment, fought daily, and declined to become wrinkled biddies in spite of their natural beauty. Neither dated very much, and neither ever remarried. The girls and their addicted children have simply taken up space on earth, taking welfare and returning nothing. Each of the other children has become notable for their successes in the entertainment profession.


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