The Varied Reasons for Coupling

                                          Dec.16, 2016

We see an expensive sports car on the road. The top is down. The driver of the car is a man in his sixties. He wears dramatic looking sunglasses and a jaunty cap that protects his hairless pate. He’s feeling young and proud because of his beautiful car, and the beautiful young woman who is sharing his cockpit. Her long, golden hair is swirling in the breeze as she throws her head back and laughs heartily at the man’s quip.

We can be forgiven for assuming that the man is a sugar daddy, and that the girl is paid, either covertly or overtly, to be with a man older than her father is. That’s not the only potential scenario for the scene. To begin with, we eliminate the possibility that the young woman is his daughter, so we can explore other possibilities.

I put forth the idea that it could be real love, between two people who feel deep emotion for each other. For the man, it feels good to attract a lovely woman and be seen with her. For the young woman, she can be attracted by his experience. He has many stories about life and burdens, and is eloquent in his telling. Her natural, maternal instincts would be making her feel secure. The ‘mate’ would be able to provide a home and security for her and her children.

The young woman could be a single mother, left in the lurch with children and a mortgage. A beleaguered woman could see a kind man, with an attractive way about him, as an open gate to a warm life. There might be passion and there might not. In a warm home life there are many ways to demonstrate love. There is cooking for each other, sharing garden chores and maintenance together. The life of a couple is built, over time, rather than springing out like a Jack-in-the-box.

It takes intelligence and a generous spirit on the part of each of the individuals in a couple. As a couple, the two individuals also become a third character in the pair. The two-headed, four-armed, four-legged newcomer must be a calm, cooperative character. It must respect both sides of a conundrum, the female preference and the male preference. Each should consider if the subject of the moment is really equally important to both sides. When wisdom reigns, one side gives clearance to the other. One can expect to receive a similar compromise in the future.


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