You’re Dying; Why Sweat the Small Stuff?

When I was younger, I raced sports cars as an amateur. That has nothing to do with the dying part of the story, but rather, it’s about living a fuller life. After all, every one of us is dying. We know that, we just don’t know how, or when. In any case, wasting precious moments on things that really are insignificant and superfluous is like putting moments of life into a garbage bin.

The sports car thing; well, like many young men, I was interested in cars. I had a sports car that I wanted to race. I learned that one must belong to a sports car club to get a racing license. A guy who was into sports cars used to eat at the same lunch counter as I did, and he told me how to get it done.

I went to sports car club meetings. It soon drove me crazy with trivial details:

“I need a rear leaf spring for a ’49 RL. It must be original equipment.”

“Last weekend’s rally instructions had an inaccurate instruction. The second left turn in the third leg was 3 meters longer than stated in the directions.”

“Does anyone know where I can get a tie-rod end for a Mayflower?” This constant flow of pettiness  wore thin pretty quickly, so I just used the membership to qualify for a racing license. I stopped going to meetings. I just sent in my dues.

My point is: why stew in your own juice when you’re held up in traffic? Why feel painful resentment when a driver gets through the merge before you can? What if your pastrami sandwich has too little fat on the slices? It just doesn’t really matter. Important things matter.

Make your lover happy. Share kitchen chores. Cooperate on home maintenance. The more you give, the more is given to you; in love, in trust, in understanding and support.


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